What is the best way to prevent Coronavirus ?

What is the best way to prevent the corona virus?

The simplest way to prevent the virus is to observe wellknown recommendation and hints to restriction the transmission of respiration contamination from one character to every other, and with the begin of the registration of new Coronavirus infections in a number of Arab nations, the problem requires precautionary and preventive measures, and those commands will assist folks who comply with them to lessen  The threat of contamination with numerous respiratory infections along with: cold, influenza, and others, and we mention from these suggestions and commands provided by way of the facilities for sickness manipulate and Prevention to save you the brand new Coronavirus as follows: Wash fingers for as a minimum twenty seconds with soap and water on a ordinary basis, and if it isn't always soapy water and soap  available. Hand sanitizers that comprise alcohol may be used.  keep away from touching or rubbing the eyes, nostril, or face with unwashed palms.  keep away from direct contact with people with breathing infections.  live home when you have a respiratory contamination to avoid spreading the contamination to others.  overlaying the nostril and mouth while sneezing or coughing with a tissue, and put off it appropriately afterwards.  despite the fact that the particular kind of animal via which the transmission of infection with the new Coronavirus started to be transmitted to humans has now not been revealed, the arena health enterprise recommends the subsequent wellknown precautionary measures to prevent the transmission of the brand new Coronavirus from animals to humans: Wash arms with cleaning soap and water if journeying any of the markets  promote ​​animals or animal merchandise. avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth, and avoid direct contact with animals that seem ill.  take care of animal merchandise from milk and meat with care;  by way of cooking them nicely, using unique gear and utensils even as slicing meat, and contemplating now not to apply them in slicing and preparing other styles of food, in addition to the significance of washing and cleaning the surfaces that come into touch with special varieties of animal meat, and preserving the meat chilled in the freezer until its use.