Apple face mask : skincare

 Apple face mask: skincare

What are the benefits of apples for the skin? How is it possible to prepare and use an apple face mask in easy home ways? The answers and more await you in the following article.

The benefits of apples for the body are hardly hidden from anyone, but what some may not realize is that apples have many benefits for the skin that can be obtained, especially when applying an apple mask on the skin. Let's learn about the benefits of this mask and various recipes for its preparation in the following:

Apple face mask recipes

Here is a list of a variety of apple face mask recipes:

1. Apple face mask: a recipe for fighting acne

Mix the mashed pulp of half an apple with two tablespoons of curd, then add to the mixture of apples and milk, two tablespoons of ground oats, and half a tablespoon of cinnamon. The apple mask is applied to the skin, and it is washed off with warm water after 15 minutes.

2. Apple face mask: a recipe for anti-wrinkle

Mash the pulp of half an apple with 7 fresh grapes, then distribute the mask of apples and grapes on the face skin to wash after about half an hour.

3. Apple face mask: a recipe for nourishing the skin

Mash 5 ripe strawberries and mix with two tablespoons of mashed apple pulp, then add to the strawberry and apple mixture one tablespoon of honey and a little milk. Leave the apple mask on the skin for 20 minutes, then wash it with water, preferably cold.

4. Apple face mask: a recipe for skin lightening

One apple is grated, then added to the grated apple a spoon of curd and half a spoon of lemon and mix the ingredients well. Distribute the apple mask to lighten the skin, leave for 20 minutes to dry, then rinse the apple mask from the face with warm water.

5. Apple face mask: a recipe for moisturizing the skin

Mix a spoonful of the pulp of a mashed apple with a few drops of glycerin oil, and then apply the mixture of apples and glycerine to the face. Clean the face of the apple mask using warm water after 20 minutes.

6. Other Apple Face Mask Recipes

It is also possible to resort to these additional recipes, each of which can be prepared from only two ingredients:

Apple masks with milk: puree the apple pulp with a little milk, and apply the mask of apple and milk on the face regularly.

Apple with honey mask: Mash the pulp of one apple with 4 tablespoons of honey, then apply this mask on the face, and wash it off with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes or once it has dried.

Benefits of an apple face mask

Before we start reviewing the apple mask recipes for the face, let's first learn about the many potential benefits of this mask for the skin:

1. Giving facial skin a youthful appearance

Repeated application of an apple face mask can help you turn back the clock a bit. Apples contain ascorbic acid and many other important antioxidants and substances that may help:

Resist the harmful effect of free radicals, which leads to the appearance of early signs of aging on the skin, such as wrinkles and dark skin spots.

Strengthening and enhancing blood flow to the skin, which may contribute to maintaining the freshness and youth of the skin.

Stimulating the renewal of skin cells to replace damaged skin cells with new ones.

Boost collagen production.

2. Anti-acne

One of the benefits of an apple face mask is that it may help relieve acne, due to the apple's richness in substances that may help:

Clean skin pores.

Keep sebum secretions in the skin under control as much as possible.

3. Peeling the skin

One of the benefits of an apple face mask is that it may help to gently exfoliate facial cells. This benefit often stems from the following:

Apples contain alpha-hydroxy acids, such as malic acid, which is one of the substances that may help to cause gentle and mild exfoliation of the skin.

Apples have a granular texture that may help gently exfoliate the skin when massaging the face with it.

4. Other benefits of apple face mask

The apple face mask may also have many other benefits, such as:

Maintaining the health of the skin in general, due to the richness of apples in the following: vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

Protecting skin cells from some negative complications that may arise as a result of exposure of the skin to harmful ultraviolet rays, such as the following complications: white spots, dark spots, and infections.

Other benefits, such as: moisturizing the skin, reducing the chances of skin cancer, nourishing and lightening the skin, and resisting dark circles.

Recommendations for using an apple face mask

To use the apple mask recipes for the face correctly, you should pay attention to the following things:

The need to use the mask immediately after preparing it while it is still fresh, as it is not recommended to prepare an apple mask and leave it in the refrigerator before use, for example.

The need to check the mask on the skin of the wrist area first, to make sure that the skin will not show any allergic reaction to the mask before applying it to the face.

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