Are you a fan of coffee or tea?


Are you a fan of coffee or tea?

Do you prefer tea over coffee? Do you find that a little strange? Genes may be the reason behind this!

Are you a fan of coffee or tea?

Your choice of whether to drink coffee or tea is mainly due to your genes and how taste affects your body, this new study finds.

In this study, researchers found that the preference for tea or coffee over the other is linked to the presence or absence of a specific gene that affects the sensation of the bitter taste.

There is a bite of bitterness in both tea and coffee because they contain caffeine, as well as another substance called quinine in coffee, and your genes determine your preferred drink between them.

Your genes also play a role in how much coffee or tea you can have during the day, and how your digestive system deals with it.

The researchers were able to reach these results by targeting more than 400,000 participants, aged 37-73 years, and comparing their love for coffee or tea, and studying their genes.

He noticed that genes play a large role in determining the preferred drink of the participants, and they also play a role in determining the amount that the participant can also take of this drink.

The scientists concluded in the study that genes are not the main reason behind this, but they have a big role.

So the next time you decide to drink coffee or tea, remember that your genes helped you.