Detox drinks: experts reveal the truth

Detox drinks: experts reveal the truth

In recent years, detox drinks and juices have become very popular, so are these drinks really magic drinks for weight loss, skin freshness, and many other things that they promise? Read the news to know the truth that experts recently revealed.

Detox drinks: experts reveal the truth

In this period of the year, many women resort to strict diets, strict sports regimes, and strange practices to get the perfect body. While experts always advise following a balanced and slow-paced diet to achieve healthy weight loss, many women resort to quick solutions, some of which may not be quite as healthy as detox juices.

Experts recently revealed that what happens in the body during the period of consumption of detox juices may not be completely healthy. This type of drink - which actually makes the body look thinner - may cause you to lose large amounts of water and may damage your muscles, due to the content of These drinks are low in complex carbs and protein, which can make you look skinnier while you're actually losing muscle.

Not only these damages, but detox drinks may cause you the following things:

  • They are general in the body that may cause you to faint suddenly.
  • Significant mood swings as a result of large and rapid changes in sugar levels in the body.

Experts advise staying away from the so-called detox, or diets designed to drain toxins from the body, and only making healthy nutritional decisions instead of all this, such as avoiding:

Replace all of these with fruits, vegetables, protein-rich food, and everything that is manufactured from whole grains.

And while detox juice alone may not cause you much harm - compared to diets that are entirely based on the principle of detox -, these juices may not be completely healthy on a nutritional level, as these juices contain (especially those that contain types of fruits in their ingredients). ) contains large amounts of sugar (6-8 teaspoons of sugar), and eating it over consecutive days may cause long-term manipulation of glucose and insulin levels, especially in women.

So, if you are a fan of detox juice, you should take care of the following things:

  • Juice is made from only vegetables, not fruits.
  • The use of vegetables with cheerful colors and rich in nutrients while free from harmful sugars, such as carrots, spinach, beetroot.
  • If your goal of detox juice is to lose extra weight, you should avoid additives that may significantly raise the calorie level in detox juice, such as avocado, apple,  chia seeds, and coconut juice.

Experts also advise the following groups to avoid eating detox juice completely: People with type 2 diabetes, people with insulin resistance, and those with high cholesterol.