Discover everyday things that hinder your weight loss

Discover everyday things that hinder your weight loss 

Do you try to lose weight but often fail, here is this news that reveals strange things that hinder it.

Dietitian Rick Hay explains that there are some everyday things we do that cause us to not lose weight as much as we would like.

The nutritionist pointed out that there are four basic things that hinder weight loss, which include:

1- coffee

Of course, this does not mean that even one cup of coffee will hinder your weight loss.

But you should not drink too much coffee, as doing so contributes to a decrease in the level of sugar in the blood, which in turn causes the brain to think that you have to eat to restore normal levels of sugar in the body.

That is, we eat more food in this case.

2- Intense sports

Here's an explanation according to the nutritionist, when we eat, the body first burns carbohydrates to use them as energy, and after they are finished, the body goes to burn fat, but the process becomes more complicated.

The solution, exercise in moderation and stay away from those intense and intense sports.

3- Citrus

Sodium is necessary for the body to control the amount of water in the body. The higher the sodium levels, the higher the amount of water that is not excreted through the urine, causing the body to bloat.

This doesn't mean cutting out sodium completely from food but limiting your intake.

4- sparkling water 

In a study published in the scientific journal (Obesity Research and Clinical Practice), it was found that carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks affects weight by increasing the secretion of the hormone ghrelin.

This hormone is known as the hunger hormone, and it is produced in the stomach and causes increased appetite.