Eating apples may slow down the aging process


Eating apples may slow down the aging process

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is what the saying goes about the importance and benefits of apples, but what has the science found to prove it?

Eating apples may slow down the aging process

The results of a study published in the scientific journal (EBioMedicine) revealed the presence of a certain compound in several fruits such as apples and strawberries that slows down the aging process in humans.

Aging is a result of the aging of the body's cells, as these cells become incapable of dividing with age, to send signals to the immune system to get rid of them.

In general, aging makes the process of getting rid of these cells more difficult and slower, which leads to the accumulation of cells and the development of aging.

In this study, researchers examined ten flavonoids naturally found in food and found that fisetin was more effective in slowing the aging process and helping the immune system get rid of aging cells.

The researchers noted that this compound is naturally present in apples, strawberries, cucumbers, and onions as well.

After the researchers conducted an experiment on mice, they found that this compound reduced the number of aging cells in the body, which increased their lifespan and slowed the aging process.

The researchers stressed that this experiment is the first step for the huge research, working to study the effect of this compound on humans, to confirm this relationship and its application, which helps in the development of a drug containing the compound in the future, in appropriate doses for the target.