Foods Rich in Hidden Sugars


 Foods Rich in Hidden Sugars: Beware of them

Some foods contain hidden sugars, which cause weight gain and health problems when overeating. Therefore, foods rich in hidden sugars must be recognized.

Sugar causes many health damages, as it increases the chances of obesity and lowers the metabolic rate of the body, as well as causes serious diseases, such as diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, you should refrain from eating foods and drinks rich in sugars, and replace sugar with honey that is beneficial for health, and to avoid eating sugars, you must identify a list of foods rich in hidden sugars, which are dangerous to health.

Foods rich in hidden sugars

Here is a list of foods rich in hidden sugars:

1. Different types of sauces

Different types of sauces contain large amounts of sugars, such as ready-made pasta sauce, in addition to ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and other distinctive food additives.

It is recommended to make different types of sauces at home to avoid adding harmful sugar to them.

2. Canned vegetables

Sugar is added to canned vegetables to enhance the flavor and extend their shelf life, such as cans of beans, peas, tomatoes, and others.

To avoid foods rich in hidden sugars of this type, it is preferable to buy fresh vegetables to obtain their many benefits and to avoid the damage caused by additives to them for preservation.

3. Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast cereals are among the foods rich in hidden sugars and in large quantities, especially the colored and sweetened types, and the percentage of sugars in them can be more than different sweets.

Therefore, you should review the packaging label to ensure that it does not contain sugars before purchasing it.

4. Bread

Not many people imagine that bread contains a large proportion of sugar.

Therefore, it is preferable to choose baked goods made of brown flour, but this does not mean that they are free of sugars, but rather that they contain less sugar than white flour baked goods.

5. Dried fruits

Fresh fruits contain natural sugar, but when the fruits are dried, the sugar becomes concentrated and more harmful, so it is recommended to avoid eating dried fruits and rely on fresh fruits to maintain health.

It is also not recommended to eat canned juices because they contain very high levels of sugar, and the best thing is to make fresh juices at home without adding sugar to them.

6. Canned fruits

Canned fruits are made by peeling them and preserving them in a syrup rich in sugar, so they have a distinctive taste and can be preserved for a long time, so they are among the foods rich in hidden sugars.

Putting this fruit in cans also strips it of vitamin C, which is important for health.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the useful and healthy foods that can be eaten during a diet, but you should pay attention because yogurt is among foods rich in hidden sugars, and therefore fruit yogurt contains a large proportion of sugars.

The best is to buy fat-free yogurt and add fresh fruits to it.

8. Sugar-free soft drinks

Without added sugar, soft drinks cannot be eaten, as their taste will seem bad and annoying, and therefore soft drinks are rich in a large number of sugars, and even soft drinks marked “sugar-free” contain a small percentage of it.

This also applies to energy drinks, which contain high levels of sugars.