how to prevent yourself from getting a cold

how to prevent yourself from getting a cold

Frequent colds: how to prevent

Some suffer from frequent colds, learn how to prevent them in this article.
how to prevent yourself from getting a cold

Let's get acquainted with some tips to prevent frequent colds, as follows:

Prevention of frequent colds

Following these steps will help prevent frequent colds:

1. Wash hands frequently

Washing hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water frequently during the day, especially after sneezing or coughing, before eating, after shopping, after going to the gym, and spending time in public can help prevent infection and protect against getting sick...

If soap and water are not available, they can be replaced with gas hands containing alcohol.

2. Avoid touching the face

One of the most important steps to prevent frequent colds is to avoid touching the face, especially the nose, mouth, and eye area, in case you are near a person who has a cold or when you touch surfaces in a public place, as viruses can enter the body through them.

3. Quit smoking

Excessive smokers get frequent and severe colds, as smoke dries up the nasal passages and disrupts the work of the cilia that help get rid of viruses that cause colds and flu.

Experts say that just one cigarette can block the action of the cilia for up to 30-40 minutes, and secondhand smoke damages the immune system.

4. Use disposable items when a family member is injured

Disposable plates, cups, and utensils should be used after use when a family member is infected to prevent the accidental spread of the virus by sharing these utensils, especially in the presence of young children who may try to drink from other people's cups.

5. Regular aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is any physical activity that stimulates the heart to pump blood, which helps to stimulate the work of the body's normal cells that are killing viruses.

6. Use paper towels

Viruses can live for several hours on cloth towels after touching them, so it is best to use paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom to dry hands after washing them, or use separate towels for each family member and provide a clean towel for guests.

7. Dispose of wipes after use

Used tissues are sources of viruses that can contaminate any surface they are left on, so to prevent frequent colds, they should be disposed of immediately.

8. Stress control

It has been shown that stressed people have weak immune systems and are more likely to catch colds compared to calm people.

9. Other tips to prevent frequent colds

Which includes the following:

  • Avoid close contact with people who have colds.
  • Eat plenty of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables to help keep your immune system strong.
  • Maintain clean surfaces in the home, especially in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Getting enough sleep, which contributes to strengthening the immune system.

How do you catch a cold?

The common cold is transmitted from person to person. Infection occurs when the cold virus reaches one of the mucous membranes that include the lining of the moist nostril, eyes, or mouth.

These viruses are transmitted through the following ways:

  • Touching a surface or breathing in moist air that contains the virus.
  • A sick person sneezes or coughs sprays liquid containing the virus into the air and is inhaled by the people around him.

Why frequent colds in winter?

People can catch a cold at any time of the year, but the chances of infection increase during the colder months, as in the winter people stay indoors and are in close contact with each other.

It turns out that cold temperatures may also affect the immune system's response, in addition to having difficulty preventing the virus from reproducing.