Hair breakage treatment: Get to know it


 Hair breakage treatment: Get to know it

What are the ways to treat hair breakage? What are the ways to prevent it? Read the article to find out the answer.

Hair breakage usually leads to jagged ends of the hair, and in this article, we will learn more about ways to treat hair breakage:

Methods for treating hair breakage

The method of treating hair breakage depends on the cause that led to it, and includes the following:

Minimize the use of hair products

Excessive use of hair products, such as shampoos that contain acidic compounds, leads to hair breakage, as do dyes.

Therefore, to treat hair breakage, it is best to reduce the use of chemical hair products and use acid-neutral shampoos.

Comb the hair moderately 

People mistakenly believe that brushing their hair is better, but what they don't know is that it leads to hair breakage.

Therefore, to contribute to the treatment, it is preferable to comb it only when needed.

Avoid exposing hair to high heat

Heat leads to hair breakage, whether it is from hairdressing tools or from high weather, so it is best to treat hair breakage as much as possible from the heat produced by hairdressing tools.

Dry hair properly

People usually adopt the wrong methods for drying their hair, such as rubbing the hair with a wet towel, and this can lead to hair breakage.

Alternatively, you can wrap the hair in a towel and let it absorb the wetness or let it dry naturally.

Follow a haircut routine

Leaving the hair for a long time without cutting causes it to fall out and break, so it is better to change and cut it from time to time.

Eat a balanced diet

Lack of nutrients and not getting a balanced diet leads to breakage and hair loss, so to treat hair breakage, the diet must contain essential nutrients, such as iron, zinc, omega-3, proteins, and vitamin D.

Avoid hair styling

Some hairstyles, such as: tying and pulling, cause the hair to break from the roots, so it is best to find hairstyles that do not pull on the hair.

Thyroid problems treatment

Thyroid problems lead to hair breakage, dryness, and loss, and may leave empty spots in it, so it is best when you notice this symptom or any of the following symptoms, such as general fatigue, brittle and broken nails, slow wound healing, or itchy skin, consult a doctor immediately to detect what If there are thyroid problems and treat them immediately.

Wash hair moderately

People think that frequent hair washing is healthy, but this is not true, as it may increase the dryness and breakage of the hair.

So to treat hair breakage, oily hair can be washed once a day and dry hair once a week, taking care to use conditioner.

hair care tips

After talking about ways to treat hair breakage, we will move on to talking about tips to take care of it, such as:

Shower with warm water, not hot, because hot water draws the natural oils from the hair that moisturize it.

Make sure to use conditioner after shampooing.

Avoid excessive brushing of curly hair, as it is more prone to breakage.

Do not over-dye the hair.

Focus on washing the scalp first instead of focusing on the length of the hair.

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner thoroughly before swimming and wear a swimming cap to prevent drying out caused by chlorine in swimming pools.

Ways to prevent hair breakage

There are several ways that can be followed to prevent hair breakage, such as:

Avoid wearing tight-fitting hats just to keep pace with fashion.

Continuing to wear hair extensions if they have been worn for at least 2-3 months.

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Reducing stress and anxiety and treating psychological and physical problems.

Leave the hair to dry in the open air after washing.

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