How do you do bodybuilding?


How do you do bodybuilding?

You may miss some of the basics while lifting weights in bodybuilding, as they may harm your body, specifically in the chest area, and your spine may twist as a result of a mistake that may occur during exercise. How do you practice this sport properly?

How do you do bodybuilding?

An area that cowards and the weak do not approach, they need confident feet, and the will to withstand weightlifting. Are you a fan of bodybuildingLifting weights gives men's bodies strength and builds muscles as you see them in the movies, but it is entrusted to giving them a beautiful shape and not building muscles in a way that may distort the external appearance of men, and there are a few women who have the courage to engage in bodybuilding. And whoever enters this world may need sufficient knowledge of the mechanism of practicing this sport, and what is the proper and appropriate food in this case.

How do you take care of your body while doing bodybuilding?


Restore protein to the body after strength training

Favorite eating foods that contain proteins and simple sugar after performing the exercise weightlifting, and some are concerned about aerobic exercise "sports aerobics " immediately after eating proteins and pre-pregnancy weight, they lose them so power in carrying weightlifting after the exercise of an effort athlete earlier, but Experts indicated that it is preferable to do weight-lifting exercises first before practicing aerobics, and during exercise, you can drink a sports drink, take amino acids, and continue to do aerobic exercises directly. And at the end of the training, you can do a short aerobic exercise as well, thus balancing the training.


Nutrition before strength exercises and muscles of the hands

When your main goal is to strengthen the muscles of the hands only without paying attention to doing exercises for the chest, back, and legs, you may have to eat complex carbohydrates two hours before and after training, where it is recommended to eat approximately 25 to 30 grams of simple carbohydrates and protein after exercise. Just as you can practice exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hands 3 times a week, this helps you in the beginning as the joint of the hand is anti-resistance, but later on, you have to expose the body to many exercises, not just the hands.


Does lifting weights cause harm?

Lifting weights may cause damage to the body, especially if there is no organized coordination between the front and back of the body, and hunching may occur if the exercise is excessive in the chest area, and scoliosis may occur, where twisting of the spine appears towards one of the sides of the body. Therefore, these exercises must be practiced cautiously and accompanied by the trainer. 


 Chest muscle development

Chest muscles can be developed by doing the following exercises: 

1 . Bend the elbows, and in addition to placing the hands on the ground, it is preferable to place them in a higher place such as placing them on a stair or a chair.
2 . Stand upright, about a meter away from the wall, and make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Then, point your upper body toward the wall until your hands touch the wall, and forcefully push your body off the wall. Repeat it 15 times in succession.
3 . With lightweights. Lie on your back and raise your hands 90 degrees toward the ceiling, then grab each hand a 1.5 kg weight, then bend your elbows toward the bed until your hands reach the chest area, and raise the weights back up until your elbows are completely straight. And do this exercise 20 times.


 Is it okay to run after a weightlifting workout?

When muscle mass increases in the body, fat mass increases, and vice versa, and when losing weight, some of it accumulates as a result of the decomposition of muscle tissue. However, weight lifting and aerobic exercise may reduce the loss of muscle mass a little. It is a good idea to run after weight training to strengthen the engine that supplies blood to the body. It is reported that strength exercises help in increasing the thickness of the heart muscle without a good increase in the blood vessels. Of course, muscle relaxation is appropriate with light jogging for a period of 10 to 15 minutes upon completion of weight training.


 The right age for strength training 

Strength exercises can be done at every age, but most muscle masses may accumulate in puberty, so the type of exercise and the way to do it is what determines this, and to get better results, you must take the advice of the trainer in the gym.


 Are protein supplements harmful?

As for taking protein supplements, they prevent calcium from being reabsorbed from the bones and accumulate on the kidneys, so you don't need to get bogged down in this. You can get the protein needed for exercise by eating foods that contain normal amounts of protein and are found in chicken, fish, and legumes, as well as dairy products, soy, and other foods rich in protein.

Those who are interested in building muscle from adults and those interested in practicing bodybuilding may take protein supplements to build muscle, but they know how to take it properly and thus bear the risks that may result from the increased consumption of it on an ongoing basis.