How to Get an Ideal Body Shape With 5 Simple Exercises


How to Get an Ideal Body Shape With 5 Simple Exercises

 Who does not want to keep his or her body is shape? Many times, people are not able to decide what workouts can help them to get the body in shape and maintain it. Here are some exercises, which you can follow as a routine to be fit and in shape:

Bicycle Crunch:

This is most useful and preferred ebb- workout. Lie flat on the floor and keep your hands behind the head. Move the knees to be at an angle of 45 degrees and slowly raise your feet from the ground. Slowly, stretch your one leg as you move the other one in the direction of your body; work the legs like pedaling a bicycle. When you are pedaling with your legs, move your left elbow to touch the right knee, when it reaches towards your body. Next, do it in a reverse order. This time the right elbow should be in contact with the left knee. First do the workouts slowly. Gradually increase the speed and put more effort to step up the difficulty level.

Long arm crunch:

For this work out you should lie down on floor and bring your legs like the previous workout in cycling position. Your lower back should always touch the floor. Stretch you arms over the head and clasp the hands. Your arms should touch the ears. Now lift yourself up about 30 degrees maintaining the form as above. Now, increase the effort and level of difficulty; extend you legs in front of you keeping them straight. Keep your lower back touching the floor.

Vertical leg crunch:

Lie on the floor in same position as in earlier two exercises with lower back in contact with the floor and your hand stretched behind your head. Lift your both legs together vertically at about 90 degree to floor. Now, lift your head and neck about three to five inches above the floor. Return back to the first position.

Reverse crunch:

You will find this exercise simplest of all. Lie flat on the ground. Move you legs to be in vertical position to floor. Next, move both the knees close to the body by curling your hips off the ground at the same time make your legs reach towards the ceiling.


You have noticed that previous workout is different from first three exercises. When you do this reverse crunch, you can raise your body up from floor with toes. Keep the back and legs straight. Push yourself up with the help of elbows, keeping the upper arms vertical to ground. Stay in this posture as long as you can.

These five exercises are good to keep your body and mind in shape. These are the basic steps for other exercises. If you have a bad shape and want to bring in right form, these workouts are recommended for you to get your shape back.


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