Marital problems and their solutions


Marital problems and their solutions

Marital relations permeate many problems that negatively affect the relationship of the two partners. Learn with us about the most important of these problems and ways to solve them.

The marital relationship rarely goes without any problems or disagreements between the two parties, but the most important thing is to know how to withstand the most important of them and work to solve them and overcome them calmly without any major conflicts that destroy the love between the spouses.

From there, we present to you the most important marital problems and ways to overcome them, to maintain this eternal bond between you.

1- Lack of attraction between the two parties

The marital relationship between the two parties is one of the most important ingredients for the success of the marital relationship between the two parties, but after a period of marriage, some lack sexual desire towards their partner, and this, of course, makes them evade the practice of intimacy, which leads to an increase in the gap between them.

Here, it is necessary, to be frank, and it is not a shame for both partners to mention their physical needs from the other side. It is important to permanently renew the relationship and remove barriers and shame between you.

2- The different way of dealing with money

The method of dealing with money differs from one person to another. There is a wasteful person who spends everything that falls into his hands of money, and there is a mastermind who can save money regardless of his low income. When the personality of the spouses conflict in this area, disputes arise between them, and the best solution to this problem is the commitment of both parties to a specific budget throughout the month.

Therefore, we advise you to share with the other party important financial decisions such as buying a new home, so they must be discussed and agreed upon between the spouses so that they are ready to bear the consequences of these decisions in the future.

3- Housework and chores

The burdens and tasks of the house, such as cooking, cleaning, arranging, and taking care of children, can cause a woman to stress and pressure, which is reflected in her mood and makes her nervous. Therefore, sharing the housework and bearing some responsibilities with the wife will lead to her comfort, family stability, and happiness.

It is very important for both parties to appreciate each other's efforts and to use expressions of thanks and appreciation, no matter how small the assistance, and problems will inevitably end.

4- Communication between the two parties

Each of the spouses must understand the needs of his partner and seek to satisfy them, as communication aims to meet the needs of both parties, and without this, a real relationship cannot continue, even if one of the parties to the relationship agrees to be the party that provides everything, and gets nothing.

Choosing the right time for communication, and postponing communication if one of the spouses is tired physically, psychologically, or irritable is one of the most important ingredients for the success of the dialogue between the two parties.

5- Excessive jealousy

The jealousy when one party or both of the largest engines of marital disputes but can get rid of it by taking into account the feelings of the other party and moving away from their causes.

The party who suffers from the jealousy of the other party must appreciate that the reaction that appears in the form of a disagreement between them is an expression of negative and painful feelings within him.  

Therefore, it is necessary not to exaggerate the reactions or make fun of him and his feelings.

  • General advice for solving marital problems

Here are a set of guidelines for solving problems between the two parties:

  1. Staying away from exaggerating and exaggerating problems, and at the same time not neglecting and ignoring them, and looking objectively at the problem.
  2. Using the dialogue method to try to solve the problem, in the dialogue between spouses, is one of the most successful solutions that solve problems.
  3. Matters should not be discussed in front of the children so that they do not lose control or cause them psychological complexes, and the spouses must have the capacity to accommodate the other.
  4. Waiver and non-obstinacy of one of the parties and an attempt to impose the opinion of the other.
  5. Following the method of frankness and honesty and staying away from solving the problem, frankness and honesty comfort the hearts of both parties and end the problem with the least losses.