Natural ways to activate the ovaries and increase the chances of pregnancy


 Natural ways to activate the ovaries and increase the chances of pregnancy

Some women develop weak ovulation, which reduces the chances of pregnancy, and this problem requires treatment by stimulating ovulation, which can be by natural methods.

Weak ovaries in women reduce the chances of pregnancy, and through some natural methods, it is possible to help activate the ovaries in women without resorting to taking medications.

What is ovulatory dysfunction?

It is the inefficiency of the ovaries in producing eggs in a sufficient number of appropriate size, so that they are of small size or low quality, or are released without maturation.

This makes it difficult for fertilization to occur after an intimate relationship between the spouses, and consequently, pregnancy and childbearing.

Symptoms of infertility

A woman may feel some of the symptoms that accompany ovulation, including:

  • Decreased sexual desire in women: where there is an imbalance in her hormones, which reduces the feeling of desire for intimate practice.
  • Vaginal dryness: causing itching and infections, and this is also due to hormonal problems associated with poor ovulation.
  • Pain during intercourse: The woman feels pain during intimate intercourse as a result of vaginal dryness, and the lack of sufficient secretions to reduce the pain of sexual intercourse.

Natural ways to activate the ovaries

Here are natural ways to help activate the ovaries and enhance the chances of pregnancy:

1- Eat healthy foods

This helps support regular ovulation. Pay attention to vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and moderate amounts of lean meat.

Plus, seafood, dairy, nuts, and healthy fats contain omega-3s.

As all of the previous foods help supply the body with many vitamins important for health, especially vitamin B12 and D, and iron, which contribute to the activation of ovulation.

On the other hand, fatty and unhealthy foods such as fast food, fried foods, and sweets should be avoided as much as possible.

It is also recommended to reduce the consumption of caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee, and replace them with healthy drinks.

2- Doing exercise daily

Regular exercise helps maintain weight and blood sugar levels and reduces the possibility of hormonal imbalances, which are important for fertility and ovulation.

It is recommended to do a brisk walk for 30 minutes daily.

3- Reducing tension and stress

Stress and extreme stress affect the functions of the body in general, and the reproductive system is one of the body systems most affected by any health problem and psychological stress.

Excess stress and tension stimulate the body to secrete cortisol and some other hormones, which negatively affect hormonal balance and ovulation.

4-Activate ovulation with herbs

There are a group of herbs that help support ovulation in women, including:

  • Tribulus plant: This herb is known to help improve fertility and ovulation in women, and it is also available as a dietary supplement, but you should consult your doctor before consuming it.
  • Vitex herb: One of the most powerful herbs that help increase women's fertility and achieve hormonal balance, and it is also available in the form of nutritional supplements.
  • Saw palmetto: This plant also contributes to promoting ovulation in women, but it must be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

Some other fruits and herbs do not cause harm that can be eaten to improve ovulation, such as pomegranate, anise, as well as eating white honey.