Reasons for declining fertility rates in men


Reasons for declining fertility rates in men

There are many reasons for the decline in fertility rates in men, and in the following article, we will mention the most important and most important of them.

Reasons for declining fertility rates in men

As a result of the fast-paced lifestyle that we live in, the percentage of reasons for the decline in fertility rates in men has increased, and many of them are suffering from a severe deficiency in the number of sperm, so we must pay attention to these reasons and avoid them.

Here are the main reasons for the decline in fertility rates in men as follows:

Reasons for declining fertility rates in men

There are some reasons for the decline in fertility rates in men, some of which are for a health reason, and others are not. The most important reasons for the decline in fertility rates in men are the following:

1. Lifestyle-related causes

  • Eating fast foods and obesity: Fast restaurant meals contain a large number of harmful fats, which lead to obesity, which affects the secretion of sperm naturally.
  • Smoking: Smoking is one of the main causes of poor sperm production in semen.
  • Exposure to chemicals and pollutants: A man may not consider this a factor affecting his fertility, but in fact, it has a great impact, and we mean pesticides and other polluting materials.
  • Psychological stress and tension: As a result of life's difficulties and the great effort that a man puts into his work, he can suffer a lot of stress and stress, which affects the hormones that produce sperm, and it also damages the cells responsible for producing them.

It is worth noting that the control of negative thinking on a man's head affects his sexual response, distracts him from enjoying his sexual relationship with his wife, and reduces his desire.

2. Health reasons

There are some reasons for the decline in fertility rates in healthy men, the most important of which are:

  • Varicocele: The number of sperms decreases if a man has a varicocele.
  • Hormonal disorders: such as a lack of testosterone, which is responsible for masculine traits and sexual desire in men, as well as building reproductive organs.
  • Taking some medications: There are treatments for certain diseases that can affect a man's fertility and weak sperm.
  • Age: Although there is a specific age for infertility in a man, this happens gradually and slowly as he gets older.

Symptoms of low fertility rates in men

After we have mentioned the most important reasons for the decline in fertility rates in men, we must now mention some of the symptoms that a man can discover that indicate suffering and injury to one of the reasons for a possible decline in male fertility rates, including:

  • Lack of sexual desire: a  man feels that his arousal has become weaker than it was before.
  • The trouble with erection: A  man cannot maintain an erection for a long time.
  • The presence of some swelling in the testicles:  In addition to feeling some tingling and pain in them.
  • Delayed conception:  This is the most prominent symptom that means there is a problem with fertility rates, as long as the couple regularly engages in intimacy, and the woman does not have any sexual problems.

Treating infertility in men

The main things in treatment are to avoid the causes related to your lifestyle, by eating healthy foods, avoiding smoking, exposure to harmful pollutants and chemicals, or permanent stress. However, you should consult a doctor to tell you the appropriate treatment, which is often:

  • Antibiotics: This is if the cause of infertility is an infection in the testicles or some minor problems that do not require surgical intervention.
  • Hormonal treatments: The doctor prescribes them in the event of problems with male hormones that lead to decline infertility.
  • Surgical operations: As a result of the presence of varicose veins in the testicles, the doctor may resort to surgical intervention to open the blockage in the seminal ducts or expand the veins.

Doctors also recommend men who suffer from low fertility rates and lack of sperm to eat foods, vitamins, and nutritional supplements that are useful in these cases, but it is not recommended to take them except after consulting a doctor.