The best care for your newborn

The best care for your newborn

There are many ways to learn how to care for a newborn baby. But only in recent years has this field moved beyond the home and hospital to a larger scale.

The best care for your newborn

 In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of two phenomena in the world of pregnancy and childbirth. The first phenomenon is the creation of databases and the qualification of specialists to provide young mothers with information on everything related to the care of the newborn. The second phenomenon is the inability of the young woman, and sometimes the lack of time, to care for her newborn child.

These two phenomena are complementary to each other, as they provide the young mother who lacks experience, the necessary information on how to care for the child or the possibility of turning to a third party to help her or take care of the child in her place. In this way, the young mother gets help in a field she has not experienced before and is provided with information that she can get for free, whenever and wherever she wants.

There are many ways to learn how to care for a newborn baby. But only in recent years has this field moved beyond the home and hospital to a larger scale. The advent of the Internet made it possible to create hundreds, if not thousands, of databases dealing with the field of pregnancy and childbirth. These rules are run and written by mothers with experience caring for children, as well as by various specialists, such as pediatricians, gynecologists, and midwives. 

The changes that have occurred in Western society in the last tens of years about the family (staying away from the extended family) and the field of work (the need for women to return to work immediately after giving birth), imposed on Western society the need to find solutions for women who have just given birth, and who cannot Caring for their children regularly. One of the solutions that are very popular and widespread is to hire a Doula - a woman who has been trained by special courses to prepare her to help and assist a young mother in taking care of her child. The Doula is responsible for the adaptation of the mother in the first days after childbirth, transforming the environment in the home into a comfortable environment for the mother and the child, giving advice in the field of breastfeeding, feeding the mother and child, and others. In many cases, the doula is considered a substitute for the mother in all matters relating to child care.

The mother receives information on how to take care of herself during pregnancy, in terms of nutrition and health, in order not to endanger the pregnancy. After birth, the mother is instructed in many other aspects, such as breastfeeding, feeding, the nature of the child's development, safety rules, first aid, and others. The young couple is being prepared to properly transition from the previous stage to become responsible parents, and is prepared for the stage of returning to work, and what they should look for when choosing a nursery for their child.

Of course, these instructions will not make the mother feel less tired, nor will they reduce the burden of caring for the child, but they provide the mother with a lot of information about the proper care of the child and allow the mother to provide the child with everything he needs.