the fitness of a businessman is part of his success!


the fitness of a businessman is part of his success!

The nature and pace of life of businessmen and women make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. But despite this, here are general tips to lose weight and maintain it.

the fitness of a businessman is part of his success!

The category of businesswomen and businessmen is characterized by several common factors, the most important of which are:

  • The pace of life is so fast, that, by some definitions, it's crazy.
  • Very long working hours, which lead to a lack of - or even a lack of - free time completely.
  • A large part of business meetings is related to food: business lunches (or dinners), conferences, etc.
  • Long sessions that usually include hosts (business meetings, discussions, negotiations, etc...).
  • High frequency of travel abroad.
  • Coming home, after a long day at work, very late.
  • In addition to confronting businesswomen, above all of the above, the need to take care of the family and take care of the home.

All of the mentioned factors, along with many others, make it very difficult for entrepreneurs to maintain a healthy lifestyleThis fact makes the process of losing weight a difficult process that requires correct and balanced eating habits, and a lot of exercise (many businessmen find it difficult to find the necessary free time for such exercises). In addition, the great psychological pressure that many businessmen fall under reduces the motivation and desire to lose weight (which is one of the basic and necessary conditions for success in losing weight) and pushes many businessmen to succumb to harmful eating habits.

The nutritional habits of many businessmen are characterized by the following:

• The inability to control the timing and composition of meals (ie, the time of serving food, or the elements that make up the meal, which often does not depend on the choice of the businessman, or his will).

• Lack of regular timings for meals - there is no regularity throughout the day, and the times are often long, between meals.

• A high frequency of eating - something that interferes with and reduces the pleasure associated with eating and leads to eating large amounts of food in a short time.

• Excessive tiredness and hunger when it's time to eat - two of the factors that often lead to random pounces on food and difficulty controlling the amount of food eaten.

• Eating not only for the purpose of nutrition: but also, to combat stress, anger, frustration, etc., by eating sweets, snacks, and coffee in large quantities.

• The relative ease of giving up eating regularly and balanced - because the matter is not visible, unlike clothes and makeup, and others. This situation leads to a situation where nutrition is the first victim of stress and lack of time.

• Lack of time and energy to exercise regularly.

It is possible that the characteristics of public businessmen and their eating habits, as mentioned above, create two nutritional problems, each of which makes it difficult to maintain a toned body and a healthy lifestyle:

1. Malnutrition: Stress situations can cause severe nutritional deterioration, especially a lack of fluids, vitamins, and mineralsThis deficiency may also be greater for businesswomen, especially during certain periods (ovulation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, etc.) when the woman's body needs large amounts of the mentioned substances, which exacerbates the situation of malnutrition. Among the results of poor nutrition: hair loss, increased tiredness and fatigue, headaches, decreased ability to focus, dizziness (even fainting), in addition to ulcers in the mouth and digestive system, bleeding from the gums, and other symptoms.

2. Obesity: or a large excess of some elements (mostly, carbohydrates and fats). This surplus arises not only as a result of pressure, or so on, but due to the lack of a regular and balanced diet and meals, which increases the desire to eat everything that reaches the hand. Also, the consumption of fast food, and the concentration of main meals in the late hours of the night, leads to the conversion of the majority of the energy that is consumed into fatty substances. In addition to all of the above, psychological factors, such as anger and stress, can cause hunger and create a chain reaction: overeating causes anger, leads to a desire to overeat, and eventually leads to obesity. All this, with the lack of physical activity (some justified by fatigue and lack of time) that is considered one of the factors that cause additional damage to the health of many businessmen, and increase the risks and possibilities of obesity.

General tips for maintaining weight - for business women and men:

1. Take great care of drinking plenty of fluids. Put in front of you, and within reach, a large glass (or a flask) containing a drink (preferably water) - the stomach cannot distinguish between solid and liquid food, so drinking a lot of fluids may help you, in many cases, to get rid of feeling hungry

2. Take care of breakfast. Because skipping the "most important meal of the day" can cause fatigue, headaches, and a reduced ability to focus. A good way to save time is to prepare breakfast the night before. You can do this by having a stock of cheese, vegetables, and hard-boiled eggs in the fridge.

3. When eating lunch, take care of eating meat, cheese, and a lot of vegetables, and you should take care not to eat sweets and alcohol at the end of the meal.

4. If it is necessary to eat a dessert, it is preferable to have a fruit salad instead of other types of sweets, such as ice cream or cake.

5. Eat three regular meals during the day, in addition to two snacks.

6. During flights, keep drinking plenty of water and order healthy foods.

7. Going up 30 floors is equivalent to doing focused training in the gym. Therefore, try to limit the use of the elevator, and let you go up and down in the office, hotel, or home, by taking the stairs(s).

8. Make time for fitness exercises in your schedule, even if you are not at home (in the hotel gym, in the park near the hotel, etc.).

Finally, be big with your physique and health, not your body size.