Treating migraines the natural way

 Treating migraines the natural way

Here are the most important home and natural methods that help you treat migraines and migraine attacks quickly.

Migraines are considered one of the worst types of headaches that may affect humans, but following the following tips and natural and home instructions will contribute to the treatment of the attack easily and quickly.

Here are the most effective treatments for migraine headaches:

1- wear sunglasses

In some cases, a person may have a migraine attack as a result of sensitivity to light.

To avoid this, we advise you to turn off the lights around you and wear sunglasses outside and inside the house at times.

2- De-stress

Stress and anxiety are some of the triggers for a migraine attack, so getting rid of them will protect you from it.

Try exercise, yoga, or meditation, which work to release negative energy and stress from your body.

3- Protect your sense of smell

Do you notice that some types of perfumes and scents trigger your migraines?

To treat a migraine caused by aroma, we advise you to inhale peppermint or coffee beans, as they can rid you of the smells that bother you and trigger your headache.

4- increase in temperature

In many cases, migraine headaches are caused by increased pressure on the sinuses, so treating this problem will get you rid of the migraine.

Try taking a hot bath or using a heat source and placing it on the nose and face area, it will help you feel very relaxed.

5- Stay away from your mobile device

Migraines are exacerbated by blue light from mobile devices, smartphones, and even computers.

Try to limit the hours you use these devices, and stay away from them entirely in case you start to have a migraine attack.

6- Sexual relationship

Having sexual intercourse contributes to the treatment of migraine headaches in many sufferers.

Where scientists and researchers believe that reaching orgasm and secreting endorphins reduces the suffering and pain of the sufferer, and acts as a pain reliever.

7- Knead your hands

The area between the thumb and forefinger is responsible for relieving pain and pressure, meaning you can treat migraines through this area.

Massage and pinch the mentioned area until you feel the headache pain is gone or until it subsides.

8- Take a deep breath

If you have a severe headache, take a deep breath to try to get rid of it.

Take a deep inhale and exhale for at least 10 minutes, as it contributes to relaxing the body and increasing blood flow, which results in the treatment of headaches.

9- Keep away from the noise and disturbance person can get a migraine as a result of light, as we mentioned, and even the noise and noise around him.

If a migraine begins, go to a quiet place immediately and put on earplugs to isolate any sounds that may be bothering you.