Ways to speed up pregnancy


 Ways to speed up pregnancy

Some methods help to speed up pregnancy, which women can easily apply at home, and here we will talk about the most prominent ways to speed up pregnancy usually.

Although there are many factors that control the speed of pregnancy, women can take some measures that speed up and facilitate its occurrence.

ways to speed up pregnancy

The methods used to speed up pregnancy are often many and varied, and here we will mention the most important and most famous methods of accelerating pregnancy:

1. Pre-conception check-up

It is recommended to conduct a pre-pregnancy examination to ensure that there is no problem impeding its occurrence, and a woman may need some vitamins and nutrients that enhance her sexual health, and these matters can only be identified after conducting tests that show the levels of hormones and vitamins in the woman's body.

2. Follow-up of the menstrual cycle

Women should follow its monthly to ensure regularity and the absence of any disturbances affect them and thus will be able to determine the days of ovulation own to practice intimate relationship which, in the case of the presence of disorders of the menstrual cycle, it is advisable to visit a doctor to get medicines that help regulate the menstrual cycle, This is one of the examples of ways to speed up pregnancy. 

It is also possible to identify the time of ovulation through some of the signs that accompany it, such as secretions and a feeling of pain on one side from the bottom.

3. The woman lies down during intercourse

It is preferable for a woman to be in a lying position on her back during intercourse, but this does not mean that fertilization does not occur except in this position, as the sperm can fertilize the egg in various other positions, but the chances of fertilization increase when the woman is lying on her back.

4. Staying in bed after sex

It is preferable for the woman to remain in a lying position with a pillow under the legs after having intercourse, as this enhances the entry of sperm and the possibility of fertilizing the eggs better, and contrary to what is common, the woman does not need to raise the legs while lying on the bed, because the pelvis does not move With the legs raised up.

But this does not mean staying in this position for a long time, it is enough for the woman to stay for only 10 to 15 minutes and then get up to shower.

5. Do not overdo sex

Many people believe that having sex daily will enhance the chances of pregnancy, and this is wrong, as sperm live for a few days inside the woman’s body, and therefore there is no need to have sex daily, and the best is to have sex day after day to increase the chances of pregnancy, so be sperm better health and capable of enrichment.

6. Eat healthy foods

Healthy foods play a role in regulating hormones and not suffering from disorders that affect the menstrual cycle and ovulation, so a woman should eat healthy foods and avoid harmful foods that cause an imbalance of hormones, and this applies to men also to enhance the health and quality of sperm.

7. Avoid stress and anxiety

The feeling of stress and psychological pressure causes negative effects on ovulation, and therefore a woman should avoid sources of stress and anxiety that result from various things, and it is also recommended to overcome fears that pregnancy will not occur because it can affect hormones.

Relaxation sessions can be obtained through yoga and deep breathing exercises to improve the quality of the eggs and increase the chances of pregnancy.

8. Doing sports

Women should pay attention to exercise, but without excessive exercise, so as not to affect ovulation, as daily light exercise helps improve the quality of eggs and maintain weight, thus avoiding obesity that reduces the chances of pregnancy.

Mistakes that affect pregnancy

After we have mentioned the most important ways to speed up pregnancy, it is necessary to mention some mistakes that can reduce the chances of pregnancy, which are the following:

  • Wearing tight clothes: Tight clothes affect the health of the testicles and sperm production, so it is recommended to avoid wearing tight clothes.
  • Sitting in hot water: Heat affects the testicles, which harms the health of sperm, so it is advised not to sit in hot water or take a shower in it, and it is also advised not to place the computer on the foot to avoid heat damage resulting from it.
  • Eating soy products: Soy products can cause negative effects on a man's sexual health, which hinders the occurrence of pregnancy.
  • The smartphone approaching the genital area: The quality of the sperm decreases in the man if the smartphone approaches the genital area while carrying it in the front pocket of the pants.
  • Smoking: It is one of the worst habits that affect the sexual health of men and women, causing sperm problems, and it also reduces women's fertility as a result of its effect on estrogen levels.