11 healthy tips to get beautiful nails!

11 healthy tips to get beautiful nails!

Maintaining beautiful nails includes continuous protection from potential damage. Carefully check what the care products you buy contain, and be sure to use nail products approved by the Ministry of Health. Here are more nail care tips:

11 healthy tips to get beautiful nails!

Beautiful nails start with looking clean, neat, and healthy. When there is a fear of cracking, weakness, and cracking in the nails that are damaged as a result of cleaning materials, it is not important for the paint that you apply on them, so it is very

important to take care of the routine care and treatment that protects the nails from possible damage. Here are ten tips to maintain the correct nail care routine, and have beautiful nails:

1- Balanced Nutrition:

Take care of balanced nutrition, harsh diets are not healthy for nails because they are not healthy for the body. Make sure to drink enough waterThe lack of fluid causes dry nails to crack and of course also the layer of skin surrounding the nail dries and cracks.

2- Get to know the product:

Many cleaning products contain a high concentration of detergents (cleaning chemicals) that can harm nails and skin and many cosmetics such as creams contain parabens (a preservative), which also contain drying and harmful substances. High concentrations of chemicals that are not approved by the Ministry of Health are also harmful to the skin and nails and can cause allergic reactions.

3- Wear gloves while cleaning:

Use gloves every time you wash the dishes. Detergents in cleaning products are harmful to the health of the nails and the skin of the hands.

4- Use only acetone-free nail polish remover:

Acetone dries out and makes the nail more brittle, Acetone-free nail polish remover is more friendly and does not damage the natural texture of the nail.

5- Manicure Routine:

Don't miss a manicure visit once a month. A manicure is not only intended for applying beautiful nail polish, but also for the proper care of your nails. Aside from professional carving and cutting that prevents the nails from penetrating the skin, the manicurist removes the skin around the nails without damaging it (as sometimes happens when we do it alone).

6- Using a cream that removes the layer of skin surrounding the nail:

If you decide to do a manicure at home, use a cream that removes the layer of skin around the nail. This substance has been developed according to a scientific formula and is intended to release excess skin from the nail and to remove dead skin cells, thus increasing the surface area of ​​the nail and giving it a long and healthy appearance. They are important in the first stage of the manicure process and replace clips that can cause injuries and infections to the skin. Rub a few on the area next to the nail and push the skin. We start in the middle part of the tip of the nail, and then move to the sides, alternately. Skin thrusting can be done after bathing when the skin is soft.

7- It is preferable to use a soft nail carving tool that does not harm the natural nail texture:

It is recommended to use a nail sculpting tool that has several degrees of sculpting capabilities prepared for the natural nail, to shorten, sculpt and smooth the nail surface.

8- Do not give up on the use of base paint:

The permanent use of base polish / strengthens the nails, creates protection for the nail surface, prevents direct contact with water containing a high percentage of chemicals that dry the nail, and prevents the penetration of the color coating to the keratin layer, which leads to the loss to yellowing of the nail. Of course, it is important to make sure that the nail hardener, primer, or polish is of good quality and does not contain Paraben, which is harmful to the health of the nails.

9. Poor quality nail hardeners can also cause side effects in healthy people.

Searching for information on the net about the side effects of the preparation can prevent a lot of frustration. Also, the use of natural materials can almost completely reduce the side effects.

10. Customized lotions:

Add to your permanent care routine nail care products such as serums and oils that rebuild and protect the nails and the cuticle around them. Special products for the treatment of nails containing various vitamins with additions of essential oils responsible for preserving, caring, protecting, and rebuilding nails. The recommended products among these are those based on avocado oil which contains very high concentrations of Vitamin E which helps in rehabilitating and maintaining the texture of the skin surrounding the nail, the nail, and the skin of the palm of the hand. It is recommended to apply these products before going to sleep to enable the nails to regain the oils and moisture lost, but this can be done at any time of the day.

11. Avoid the habit of nail-biting.

Regardless of the unaesthetic appearance, saliva dries out the nail and the teeth may injure the skin, causing infection to enter. If you cannot quit this habit, there are special preparations with a bitter taste, which will help you get the nail out of the mouth quickly.