Age question: How do I get rid of dandruff?

Age question: How do I get rid of dandruff?

Dandruff is an annoying phenomenon that affects many people. Why does it happen? How do I get rid of dandruff? All the information about dandruff is in the following article.
Age question: How do I get rid of dandruff?

If you too are suffering and asking how to get rid of dandruff, you are not alone. Almost half of all adults suffer from dandruff. This phenomenon is reflected in the peeling of dead skin cells from the scalp and is more common among people with oily skin. They appear like snowflakes on the head. Falling is a natural process, but when sebum secretion increases, the fallout increases and dandruff becomes visible, especially in people with dark hair.
The phenomenon of crust exacerbates especially during periods of change of seasons, or during periods when the weather is drier. One of the causes of dandruff is a yeast fungus called Melsezia, which leads to irritation in the scalp and accelerates the reproduction of skin cells. Other causes are genetic background - family, high testosterone, dry weather, psychological stress, hygiene problems, and change in diet. Dandruff is only an aesthetic problem, it is not contagious, but sometimes it is accompanied by itching. It appears in infants up to 3 months of age and older, especially in men. Dandruff can also appear due to excessive hair dyeing, bleaching, and hair thinning as well as it can express a skin disease called seborrhea.
Seborrhea is a common inflammatory skin disease, caused by increased secretion of sebaceous glands, and is expressed by red areas of skin covered with a dry or greasy crust, and a feeling of burning and itching. Seborrhea appears mainly in the T-zones of the face (forehead, eyebrows, sides of the nose), hairline, and scalp, but it can appear in other areas such as the chest area. Light seborrhea is expressed as a crust without inflammation or redness. Seborrhea can appear during adolescence, and it spreads mainly between the ages of 30-60 (the percentage is higher in men) or in infants under one year of age. The disease is often familial and exacerbates during the winter and transitional seasons, in cases of psychological stress, in adolescence, in the face, scalp, in the T-zone, and when drinking caffeine and alcohol.
Seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis (Seborrheic dermatitis)  is common skin inflammation and is 5% of the general Alaskan. lady certain groups such as infants or patients with Parkinson's disease is more common. The cause of seborrhea is not yet known. There is evidence for the involvement of the yeast fungus, of the type Malassezia, which is also commonly found on intact skin. Although the phenomenon of dandruff and seborrhea is not dangerous, it is annoying and ugly. Severe itching affects the affected areas and poses additional damage to the quality of life. Although this is a chronic problem, its outbreak can be avoided, mitigated or reduced, by using appropriate preparations that lead to improvement in facial appearance and quality of life.

How do I get rid of dandruff in the head as well as seborrhea?

The most common treatment for dandruff is shampoos based on antifungal compounds. In contrast, common facial seborrhea treatments mainly include anti-inflammatory treatments such as creams containing steroids. While these products lead to a quick recovery, using them for a long time may lead to severe and long-term damage to the skin of the face and scalp, and a large section of people prefer to avoid using steroids.
Natural medicine focuses on the patient himself and not on the symptoms of the disease, and aims to achieve a balance between the body and the soul and uses natural substances. The range of natural remedies also includes body and breath activities to reduce mental stress, nutritional supplements such as biotin capsules, vitamin C, and omega-3 acids.
If you are asking yourself: How do I get rid of dandruff? There are unique and special products to treat and relieve skin problems such as seborrhea and dandruff. The products are based on medicinal plant formulas from traditional Chinese medicine, which have been proven effective in scientific studies. This facial sebum treatment group includes:
1- Products for the treatment of the scalp: dandruff shampoo and scalp moisturizing cream.
 2- Products to treat seborrhea in the face: face cream and face wash. These products are used to relieve the phenomenon of oily facial skin, which is characterized by redness and flaking.

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