Benefits of seawater for health and beauty


Benefits of seawater for health and beauty

The descent of seawater has many advantages, not only for enjoyment and relaxation, but the body gains many health and aesthetic benefits.

Benefits of seawater for health and beauty

In the summer season, many people flock to trips abroad, in search of recreation, sitting in front of the beach and contemplating the landscape, and going down the sea is one of the fun things that travelers are interested in during summer holidays.

Inevitably, swimming in seawater leads to many psychological benefits and helps improve the mood and the health and aesthetic benefits that can be obtained when the sea descends.

Health benefits of seawater

Here is a list of the health benefits that the body gains from seawater:

1- Increase immunity

Seawater contains vital elements, mineral salts, amino acids, as well as microorganisms that can produce anti-bacterial effects, thus enhancing the body's immune system.

These benefits can be obtained as soon as the sea descends because it facilitates the absorption of its components and elements.

Also, inhaling the sea air, which is full of negative ions and particles associated with the lungs, helps in strengthening the immune system in the respiratory system. Therefore, people with asthma and chest diseases are advised to go and sit in front of the sea to breathe its fresh air.

Swimming in seawater also contributes to opening the pores in the skin, thus allowing the absorption of marine minerals and expelling toxins that cause diseases, and excreting them from the body.

Seawater contains iodine, which enhances thyroid gland activity, thus improving the functioning of the body's functions.

2- Stimulating blood circulation

Swimming in seawater supports blood circulation in the body and improves blood circulation, by restoring essential minerals depleted due to stress exerted by the body and surrounding environmental toxins.

Therefore, seawater, especially when it is warm during the shining of the sun, is used in many treatments related to the blood and the heart.

3- Improving bone and muscle health

As the practice of swimming, in general, contributes to the flexibility of muscles and joints and the elimination of inflammation and bone pain, and when you are in seawater, the benefits related to the compounds in this water are added to it.

This applies to all ages, as it can help treat orthopedic problems in children and the elderly as well.

4- The speed of wound healing

If there are wounds or scratches in the body, the area that contains these wounds can be immersed in seawater, and it will help in disinfecting them and quickly healing, but you will feel some burning due to the saltwater.

5- Mental health

Seawater rich in magnesium helps relax muscles, reduce stress,, and feel relaxed, thus eliminating negative feelings and stresses of life and sleeping better.

That is why it is recommended to lie in seawater and breathe in fresh air to obtain maximum psychological benefits and return to work later with full energy and activity.

Beauty benefits of seawater

Instead of going to beauty salons and treatment centers that use sea salt, you can head to the sea for more aesthetic benefits for skin and hair, including:

1- The skin

The magnesium in seawater helps moisturize, improve the appearance of the skin, renew its cells, and get rid of dry and cracked skin.

Seawater also has antiseptic properties for the skin and eliminates scars, and it also helps in treating ulcers, as it contains mineral salts such as sodium and iodine.

It is advised to sit in salty seawater for 15 minutes to get rid of skin infections, roughness, and various problems in the skin such as acne, psoriasis, and others.

2- hair

Seawater acts as a natural hair cleanser, especially for someone who suffers from an oily scalp and the accumulation of oily grease, as it helps to get rid of excess oils, in addition to eliminating annoying dandruff.

If the hair is damaged by chemical products and hot devices, seawater rids it of these harmful substances and helps in increasing the density of hair.