Benefits of toothpaste for the skin


Benefits of toothpaste for the skin

The uses of toothpaste have become creative and strange, the latest of which is its use as a mask for the skin, so what are the benefits of toothpaste for the skin? Is it desirable to use it? Answers in the article.

Benefits of toothpaste for the skin

We have recently noticed creative uses for toothpaste, including the aesthetic uses for the skin, but is toothpaste really useful for the skin, and what are its benefits? See you in the next article.

Why is toothpaste so popular?

Simply why not? Toothpaste, if it is treated as a face wash or as a skincare product, will be the cheapest.

In addition to the fact that toothpaste contains the minerals zinc, calcium, and antiseptic properties that make it especially useful.

Benefits of toothpaste for the skin

Toothpaste works on more than one problem that the skin may face:

1. To treat pimples without leaving a trace

Have you ever thought about applying toothpaste to pimples instead of popping them? In fact, toothpaste calms and reduces pimples little by little, and does not leave a trace in its place.

For this, it is preferable to use white, not transparent, toothpaste.

2. Toothpaste and acne

Calcium carbonate in toothpaste works to absorb toxins, dirt, and excess oils secreted by the skin, which reduces the appearance of pimples.

In addition to calcium carbonate, toothpaste contains some concentrated essential oils such as peppermint oil, which have anti-bacterial properties that limit and fight the growth of new acne.

Before you try toothpaste on your facial skin, try it on a small spot above your neck to make sure you are not allergic to its compounds.

3. Skin soothing

Do you feel how much toothpaste can cool your mouth space? These same properties work the same way on your skin.

The cloves used in the manufacture of toothpaste to soothe reddish skin while keeping peppermint oil cleansed of bacteria that will increase the irritation.

4. Fight wrinkles

Toothpaste is rich in zinc, which acts as an antioxidant that fights cell aging, in addition to being a good fighter against viruses that can threaten your skin.  

Use toothpaste to absorb the zinc in it for your skin with all its benefits, and avoid habits that increase wrinkles, such as eating fatty foods and smoking, for example.

5. Get rid of blackheads

It is the minerals in toothpaste such as calcium carbonate that make it effective against blackheads.

Apply a clear layer of toothpaste to your skin, leave it on for 2 to 5 minutes, and then wash it off.

You will find that the blackheads begin to fade with time.

Is the use of toothpaste for the skin is safe?

Not quite, today's kinds of toothpaste are very synthetic, in the past, they were made from natural products.

Among the industrial products harmful to the skin there is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) that threatens the health of DNA in the skin, so you should check that your toothpaste does not contain this ingredient.

We recommend that you prepare your own toothpaste to ensure its more content.

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