Dark skin: Here are tips to take care of it

Dark skin: Here are tips to take care of it

Every skin color has its own attractiveness, and brown skin has a special kind of beauty, so the brown skin must be preserved and taken care of through a set of tips.
Dark skin: Here are tips to take care of it

In the following, let us know all the important details about brown skin and how to take care of it:

Causes of dark skin

When the skin produces a large proportion of the pigment melanin, which is responsible for the color of the skin, it changes color to darken, and this is also due to genetic factors.

The advantages of brown skin

Brown skin has some advantages, including:

Protection from the sun: The higher the melanin level, the more the skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun, and thus the chances of developing skin cancer.
Delaying the appearance of wrinkles: Dark skin is less prone to the appearance of signs of aging and lines that can be observed with age.

Dark skin defects

Some defects can affect brown skin, and they are:

The appearance of spots on the skin: Despite the benefits of melanin to protect the skin, it can cause the appearance of white spots or scars noticeably on brown skin when exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Cracked and dry skin: get dark skin dehydration and cracking with low humidity air, which increases the sensitivity.

Brown skincare tips

The woman with dark skin has a special attraction, as she retains youth and vitality for a longer period, and the appearance of wrinkles is delayed, but on the other hand, caring for brown skin is not easy, and it needs constant accuracy and attention.

Brown skincare tips
Here are the most important tips for brown skincare, to avoid problems that can appear in it:

sunscreen application

When exposed to harmful sunlight for long periods, scars and spots will appear on the skin, giving it an unpleasant appearance, so applying sunscreen will ensure that this problem is avoided.

Skin Moisturizing

The woman with dark skin should keep her skin moisturized daily, especially in the winter season, to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

It is recommended to choose a moisturizer suitable for skin type and from a good source to give it maximum hydration without harming it.

Do not use harsh products on the skin

You should stay away from soaps that contain harmful perfumes and chemical compounds and replace them with medicated lotions that are suitable for the skin.

Also, a soap rich in oils would be ideal for brown skin.

Do not use bleaching products

Some women with dark skin seek to whiten their skin, and this is by using strong products on the skin because turning the skin to a light degree is only done through complex and very dangerous compounds, as these products can lead to many problems with the skin, such as irritation, and the appearance of burns in it...

Maintain skin exfoliation

It is recommended to exfoliate the brown skin once every two weeks, to ensure that it is rid of the dead cells that eliminate its luster, as well as restore its glow.

Application of day cream and night cream

The application of day cream and night cream is the most important care routine for all skin tones, and it is even more important for women with dark skin.

Do not touch or press the grain

Touching the grain and pressing it often leaves traces of a bad appearance on the skin, such as 
spots, so it is preferable to apply a medicated cream if necessary.

Remove makeup before bed 

Make-up must be removed before bed, and not left on the skin for long periods of time so as not to affect it negatively, and it must be ensured that the skin is cleaned deeply with a good and effective make-up remover.

Application of natural recipes for the skin

There are many effective natural recipes in the care of brown skin, such as the recipe for a mixture of white honey and eggs, which helps remove skin defects and moisturizes.

It is recommended to apply the white honey and eggs recipe once a week, by placing the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes and then washing it off.

Treat skin irritation as soon as possible

Dark skin is more prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation, it is necessary to treat any problem that appears on the skin quickly, and not wait until it leads to the appearance of traces on the skin and a change in its color.

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