Detoxing is good for the body and soul


Detoxing is good for the body and soul

Detoxing the body is beneficial and healthy, and it is linked to the dietary patterns that you follow, so how can the body get rid of the toxins concentrated in it as long as you continue to eat foods that contain chemicals?

Detoxing is good for the body and soul

Detoxing is a gift for the body and soul, and through it, the body feels healthy when it gets rid of toxins that have accumulated in the body, and not getting rid of them may

cause the emergence of several diseases and health risks. So why does the body need to detoxify?

We live in a time when dietary habits have evolved, and the rope has become mixed with the culprit, so we no longer realize the nature of the foods eaten and the compounds they contain that can harm the body. However, we got addicted to doing some routine things like smoking cigarettes and eating a lot of seeds during our free time. Our bodies are also subjected to stress as a result of eating unnecessary materials such as chemicals and manufactured materials that harm the health of the body and weaken its activity.

Many Arab cultures have agreed that fasting, i.e. abstaining from things that break the fast at certain hours and days have been determined according to the heavenly religions, and what religious sects follow may help cleanse the body of toxins, specifically in the winter when fat accumulates in our bodies and the need then becomes to get rid of it. The body gets rid of the fat that covers it to revive the skin cells, revitalize the cells and skin, and increase the energy level in the body. According to Chinese and alternative medicine, cleaning the body of toxins is important and useful in daily life.

How are toxins cleaned?

Our bodies are filled with toxins daily, and the body then cleans itself of them through the secretions of urine, feces, and sweat. However, some toxins cannot be completely cleaned, and therefore some routine habits and unbalanced feeding patterns that supply the body with toxins must be stopped.

Methods of cleaning the body from toxins last for several days or weeks, and what you have to do is to stop eating foods and drinks that do not suit your body, and to practice effective activities that may change our habits and our thinking towards choosing a healthy diet.

Whoever wants to plan to engage in activities that require changing the diet, is advised to consult with specialists and take advantage of the instructions to rid the body of toxins, especially during the fasting period, due to the following reasons:

  •  A sudden change in eating habits may cause a shock to the body, as it is not used to this change.
  •  Fasting must be balanced, and foods contain the salts and minerals necessary during the process of cleaning the body of toxins.
  • Fasting must suit your health condition, especially if you suffer from a health problem, so take advantage of medical advice, and apply it to benefit from the process of ridding the body of toxins.

To get rid of toxins during fasting, you should drink fruit juices, which contain a good amount of water and vitamins that help rid the body of toxins. You can also drink water with acid, or take maple syrup or what is known as fondant syrup, a drink usually made from sugar maple, red maple, and black maple trees. Fasting also depends on eating whole rice and green vegetables, which increase the energy level in the body and cleanse toxins from it.

Purification of the body and improvement of the psyche

This concept indicates that the cleanliness of the body leads to the cleanliness of the soul. The process of cleansing the body of toxins during the fasting period may take various interpretations concerning purifying the soul and body and as an integrated spiritual journey. Getting rid of the accumulated toxins in the body’s organs, in which harmful chemicals are concentrated in the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and between tissues as well, is beneficial to the body, and their accumulation may cause damage, in addition to cleaning the body of excess sugars and unhealthy fats.

Detoxing is the perfect time to meditate on your body. All digestion processes in the body change due to the cleaning process, and the internal pace also changes, energizes the soul, and increases the energy of the person.  

During the process of cleaning the body of toxins, the person separates from his daily life, adheres to nature, and allows himself to conduct the cleaning process away from wrong habits and harmful diets.

Start a clean life

Not everyone will change their lifestyle immediately after detoxing. Most people go back to eating as usual and eating a diet that includes meat, chicken, fish, and cow's milk products. But naturally, this will take a little time.

The calm that enters the body, the feeling of cleanliness, the light and luminous facial skin - they make people want more anyway, the most important thing is to maintain a very balanced return to the previous life, preferably under the supervision of a specialist. 

Pregnant women and toxins

There is a concern that pregnant women might pass toxins on to their babies, so they are forbidden to do a detox. In cases of severe or chronic illness and poor physical condition, detoxing is not recommended. But you should consult with your doctor before starting the process.

When do we get rid of toxins?

Cleaning the body of toxins can be done when you feel the need for it, or when you are disturbed by the appearance of physical effects caused by cleaning toxins. Children should not be involved in detoxing, fasting, enemas, or nutritional supplements, as they are not appropriate for them. However, the younger generation is the perfect fit for inculcating healthy eating habits. Therefore, you are responsible for your children's food, and you must take care of supporting them with a healthy diet. Do not overfeed them with processed foods, sweets, or industrial drinks, push them to eat vegetables, and encourage them to exercise, which is good for them.