Exercises to strengthen the body in the elderly!


Exercises to strengthen the body in the elderly!

Low bone density can lead to falls and many bone fractures. Bone-strengthening exercises will help you avoid this difficult condition. Here are five body-strengthening exercises that will reduce low bone density.

Exercises to strengthen the body in the elderly!

The bones in our body are living tissues that break down and build over the course of life. In fact, at every moment about 15% of the bones are replaced. Bone decomposition and building processes are often in balance and maintain bone strength. However, with age and due to hormonal changes (as the age of 50 approaches in women and 70 in men), the rate of decomposition process increases, and the process of building increases, which leads to a decrease in bone density and weakness.

With bone density reduced to a minimum, the bones in the vertebral region, femur, and forearm become hollow and the risk of fractures becomes real. This condition is called osteoporosis or in Arabic - osteoporosis. Modern medicine can today offer some medicines and treatments for osteoporosis, but treatment, which includes exercises to strengthen the body, is still considered the most effective way to prevent fractures.

Physical activity can greatly help in the process of strengthening bones. Here are some body-strengthening exercises that will help you slow down the process of declining bone density in your body. These exercises will focus on three specific areas: the wrist, thigh bone, and spine. In addition, they will help strengthen the deep muscles, which are responsible for erection and balance.

  • A pair exercise to round the shoulders and strengthen the upper back

Starting position: One partner sitting on a chair, hands intertwined behind his head and elbows open to the sides. The other partner supports his hands from behind the elbows.

Exercise: the partner stands behind the chair and prevents the arms and elbows from opening back. You must continue this movement for three to five consecutive seconds without stopping the breathing and repeat the exercise ten times.

The goal of the exercise: The exercise strengthens the erection of the back and brings the shoulders closer in the chest area. This exercise is very important to improve body stability and bone density in the vertebrae of the spine.

  • Lateral curvature of the spine - a pair exercise

Starting position: Same as the first exercise, but with a slight change - the partner standing from behind supports his hands, but this time from below the elbows.

Exercise: The partner sits bent to the side, while the partner resists the bend.

Objective: To strengthen the diagonal muscles of the abdomen and improve bone density in the spine.

  • Dimensions of the body by the thigh when sitting - a pair of exercise

Starting position: Both partners are sitting on a chair at a distance of 30 cm, legs slightly open and feet on the floor. The outer part of the hips of both partners is almost touching each other.

The exercise: the distance of the partner's proximal foot so that it reaches the proximal foot and pushes it. Push for three seconds and then relax. The exercise must be repeated 10-15 times and switch to the second foot (with changing places).

Objective: To strengthen the quadriceps muscles and improve bone density in the hip neck region. Improve balance.

  • Standing and sitting on a chair - pair exercise 

Starting position: Both partners are sitting opposite each other, at a distance equal to the length of the hands extended forward. Extend hands and grab the partner's forearms (firefighter's fist).

Exercise: Stand and return to sitting, keeping hands straight. The exercise should be repeated 10-15 times.

The goal: to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Operating a vertical force on the femur, improving daily performance, and preventing falls.

  • Chest press and push-pair exercise

Starting position:  Both partners are facing each other and holding a broomstick or short cane at shoulder height.

Exercise:  Both partners try to push each other for three to five seconds and then relax. The exercise must be repeated ten times. The stick holding angle can be changed.

Goal:  Strengthen the chest muscles, arms from the back, forearms, abdomen, and legs. Improved bone density in the forearm and wrist. Improve balance by working the fixed muscles.