For Women Only: Embarrassing Beauty Questions

For Women Only: Embarrassing Beauty Questions

In this article, we have collected for you a set of embarrassing aesthetic questions that concern the majority of women, so what are they? And what are the solutions?

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in some embarrassing aesthetic questions about where to go? We've brought you some questions that might fall into the same category, but we've also brought you their answers:

embarrassing beauty questions

There are many examples of embarrassing aesthetic questions that many women may be exposed to, and among the most prominent of these embarrassing aesthetic questions are the following:

1. Why do I suffer from paired eyebrows?

Eyebrow coupling is the growth of the eyebrows along with one, which is the result of hair growing in unwanted places, and most likely you have to search among your extended family members, as the strongest possibility is that this is a hereditary matter in the family, of course, you can remove the hair between the eyebrows with tweezers.

As for the chin area, you can use hair removal creams, and in both cases, you may consider laser hair removal, which is a possible and long-term solution.

2. My feet smell embarrassing, what should I do?

Sometimes washing your feet will not be enough to get rid of their smell, as the soles of the feet are a place for odor-causing bacteria that live in moisture, in particular, so be sure to wear open shoes that contribute to keeping your feet dry and take care to keep them dry after washing them, and avoid wearing compression shoes and wash your socks and dry them well.

3. Is there a solution to remove cellulite?

Cellulite is almost inevitable for every woman, it is the accumulation of a normal fatty layer under the skin that appears in women with light skin more clearly than those with dark skin, and in many cases, exercising certain muscles and sports can help burn the accumulated fat in the area and thus delay The appearance of cellulite in them.

While doctors are skeptical about the long-term effectiveness of cellulite removal creams, they may find cosmetic surgery as a last resort.

4. Why do my cheeks blush so much?

It is normal for your cheeks to blush if you feel embarrassed or ashamed, but if you suffer from red cheeks for no apparent reason, you may suffer from rosacea, so see a doctor.

Rosacea can have other side effects you didn't think of linking to the redness of your cheeks, so be sure to listen to your body and tell your doctor how you've been feeling lately.

5. Is this gray hair on the cusp of the thirties reasonable?

If you are not yet 40, but you suffer from turning half of your hair white, you may actually suffer from something, it may be a sign of a thyroid disorder or pigmentation disorder, so see your doctor to make sure, but this does not eliminate the possibility that This gray hair is an early gray that you inherit from your family.

You can resort to dyeing and coloring your hair, and you can try a special lotion to prevent graying, but do not worry, premature graying does not mean premature aging.

6. What are these pimples on the buttocks?

They are mostly not pimples, but keratosis pilaris, which are small white or red bumps that may appear in addition to your background on the back, cheeks, upper arms, and even the thighs, and are caused by dry skin, and this condition may last for years and start As it wears off after age 30, moisturizing with moisturizer a few times a day will help keep them lighter until then.

7. My mouth smells embarrassing, what should I do?

Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day permanently? However, do you still suffer from bad breathReview the beginning of your diet. If it relies on onions and garlic a lot, toothpaste will not be enough to eliminate the repercussions of your food, but bad breath may result from gum disease, deep dental infections, dry mouth, or even sinusitis. 

8. What do I do with pimples after shaving the body?

Bumps occur after shaving when the hair follicle under the skin shrinks and grows, and the most appropriate solution is to follow other methods of hair removal, but if you must this method, follow the wise basics of shaving:

  • Take a hot shower before shaving.
  • Use a thick shaving gel and a sharp, single-blade razor.
  • Shave the hair in the direction of hair growth, not in the opposite direction.

9. How do I treat my yellowing teeth?

Coffee, tea, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, in addition to smoking, all of this may lead to tooth pigmentation and pollution, and some medications may also lead to a change in the color of the teeth, and as a first step, you should stop consuming what we mentioned or at least reduce it as much as possible, then pay attention to the cleanliness of your teeth by brushing And floss as well, and you can also help you with teeth whitening solutions supplied by the pharmacy and the dentist who takes care of your teeth.

10. How do I keep my feet from cracking?

The dead skin that hardens on the heel of the foot protects it from the pressure you face during prolonged standing on it, and if you do not like the appearance of your cracked feet, you can get rid of the dead skin, by soaking your feet in hot water and rubbing them with a slightly rough stone, then work Moisturize them with some creams.

11. What can I do to keep my nails from breaking?

If you rub your hands a lot with water and sharp soaps, it can actually cause your nails to crack and peel, in which case be sure to wear gloves when using soap and water, and an over-the-counter biotin supplement may help strengthen your nails.

In addition to the daily causes, your nails may be cracking due to a fungus that targets your nails, changing their color a little and then breaking, in which case you should see a doctor for the appropriate treatment for the fungus.

12. I am bothered by my sweating, what is the solution?

Race in general works to cool your body of stored heat in it and the resulting activity organs and cells in it, and if you suffer from excessive sweating, you see a doctor diagnose the actual reasons for this, although, normally, you can ask your doctor antiperspirants pomade or pills, or even You can resort to Botox options.