Health and beauty benefits of peaches


Health and beauty benefits of peaches

Peach is one of the most famous spring fruits, and peaches contain many vitamins and minerals important for various functions in the body. Learn about the most important benefits of peaches in the following:

Health and beauty benefits of peaches

Peaches contain a high percentage of important antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, and all these contents certainly make the benefits of peaches numerous and important for our bodies. Here are the most important health benefits of peaches in the following article:

Health benefits of peaches

We offer a range of benefits of peaches for health and the body in the following:

1. Improve skin health

The content of peaches, which is rich in flavonoid antioxidants, and vitamin C,  especially vitamin A, which is known as the beauty vitamin, makes peaches of great importance in obtaining pink, bright, and tight skin away from wrinkles and signs of aging.

2. Helping lose weight

Peach is a low-calorie fruit rich in fiber and water, which helps to increase the feeling of satiety and suppress hunger immediately after eating it.

If it is eaten as a snack between meals, it will actually help to avoid the increase in eating more calories during the day, thus helping to lose excess weight.

3. Regulating blood pressure

As peaches are a source of potassium, it actually helps to increase and control blood pressure by helping the arteries to relax, and thus has a great role in maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels, in addition to containing potassium, peaches also contain antioxidants that neutralize and prevent free radicals and reduce Cholesterol in the blood and thus the prevention of heart disease. 

4. Promote digestive health

Because peaches are rich in dietary fiber and some minerals such as potassium, it is very important in promoting the health of the digestive system, protecting it from digestive disorders and constipation, facilitating the work of the intestines, in addition to the fluid balance in the body.

5. Maintain the health of the eyes

The beta-carotene contained in the peach seed, which is the first or primitive form of vitamin A before it is transformed, is very necessary to protect the eye tissue from free radicals that can harm it, and the lack of beta-carotene can be the cause of night blindness, and that eating enough of it is enough to prevent Older people from macular degeneration,  which may affect most of them with age.

6. Important for the health of the pregnant woman

The richness of peaches in fiber helps prevent constipation,  which may affect the pregnant woman, especially in the late months of pregnancy.

7. Other health benefits of peaches

Peaches provide many other health benefits to the body, including:

Helping maintain a healthy nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety due to its high magnesium content.
Help maintain the healthy and normal functioning of the body's immune system due to its zinc and vitamin C content.
Strengthen the health of bones and teeth because it contains calcium and phosphorous.
Expel harmful toxins from the liver and kidneys thus cleansing and detoxifying the body.
Prevention of anemia due to its good iron content.

The nutritional value of peaches

The health benefits of peaches come from the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals present in them. Every 100 grams of peaches contains the nutrients mentioned in the following table:

Calories46 calories
water88.3 g
Protein0.91 g
carbohydrates10.1 g
Fats0.27 g
fiber1.5 g
Calcium4 milligrams
Iron0.34 milligrams
magnesium8 milligrams
phosphorous22 milligrams
potassium122 milligrams
zinc0.23 milligrams
selenium2.1 micrograms
vitamin C4.1 milligrams
Vitamin A24 micrograms
Vitamin K3 micrograms
Folic acid6 micrograms

Peach side effects

After learning about the health benefits of peaches, we note some of the side effects associated with eating them as follows:

Eating peaches may cause allergic symptoms for some people, such as itching of the skin, and redness.
Peach seeds naturally contain cyanide and inadvertent ingestion may cause poisoning, so caution should be exercised.