Make-up and the safe use of eye products


Make-up and the safe use of eye products

Do you think that make-up and cosmetics can harm your health, female? Some women lack knowledge in the use of make-up and cosmetics, especially female eye makeup, which may actually cause harm to the eyes.

Cosmetics and make-up are the goals of all women and they're favorite. These products increase the femininity of women, according to the belief of some. But you must pay attention while using these preparations and add them to the face and eyes. What are the tips that can be followed to get eye makeup safely and cleanly?

hand hygiene

Cosmetics can contain fungi and bacteria. Therefore, basic hygiene must be maintained, to prevent eye infections or any other symptoms. Therefore, hands must be washed before beginning the ritual of applying eye make-up. And then put make-up tools, especially brushes, on a clean surface away from bacteria.

Not moisturizing mascara

Do not moisturize cosmetics and makeup. You may have learned from the morning programs, that putting a few drops of water or saliva can bring to life the old and outdated mascara, which is used to raise and lengthen eyelashes. But this process may introduce bacteria into the product, and destroy the preservatives in cosmetics.

Use and throw

Do not share eye makeup with your friends. However, the combined use of eye makeup can cause diseases. And when buying new eye cosmetics, do not use the general models for the experiment, but try the lotions using cotton buds, and for one time. These models, which most women use while trying on makeup, act as an incubator for bacteria and other microbes.

Putting on makeup while traveling

Don't wear eye makeup while traveling, even if you don't drive yourself. This act is not safe and draws the attention of the driver. In addition, every sudden stop while driving a car can injure and damage the eye, by moving the mascara or drawing pen while applying makeup in the eyes, and the car is moving specifically on "bumps" and potholes.

Pay attention to the instructions

According to the regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration, every cosmetic product has instructions on how to use it on its outer packaging. So these instructions should be checked. If the product does not contain clear instructions, and from unknown sources, its use is not recommended.

For the eye only for the eye

Use only cosmetics for the eye area. Therefore, it is forbidden to apply the lip color to the eyelashes line, as the infection may be transmitted from the mouth area to the eyes directly. In addition, there are color additives that can be used on the face, not in the delicate eye area.

eye without eyeliner

Kohl is a blue powder designed to highlight the eyes. Kohl has not been approved for use as a cosmetic product, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. Especially since kohl contains salts of heavy metals, such as lead and antimony. There is evidence linking the use of kohl to lead poisoning. But there is a product called "eyeliner", which is sold commercially to determine the blue color, and it does not contain toxic metals, and therefore is safe to use.

Avoid lotions when eyes are sore

Do not paint eyebrows and eyelashes. So far, no safe and permanent dyes have been declared by the US Food and Drug Administration. In fact, the colors used today are found to be harmful. And beware of using false eyelashes. Make sure that the eyelashes, and the glue designated for them, are approved by the Ministry of Health. However, the delicate skin of the eyelids can easily become irritated. So you must make sure that you do not have any kind of allergy to the ingredients of eyelash glue.  

Avoid the use of cosmetics, or eye makeup, especially if you have inflammation or the so-called "sharpness" of the eye. However, the infection may affect the eye itself, or the area next to it. If you already used any of the cosmetics while the infection appeared, you should dispose of the product and throw it in the trash. If the cosmetic product you are using is irritating or allergic to your eyes, stop using it immediately. If irritation persists, go to a dermatologist.

How can skin allergy to cosmetics be diagnosed?

Get rid of old makeup products

Do not use cosmetics, or old care products. Mascara is usually good, for a period not exceeding four months from the beginning of its use. However, it is advised not to use old mascara, because it damages the eyelashes.

July and August heat

Cosmetics should not be stored at a temperature above 30 ° C. Because the preparations contain preservatives that prevent the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. Especially since preservatives lose their effectiveness in the heat. Therefore, women are advised not to leave cosmetics in the car.

Polishing and sterilization

Make sure to wipe the makeup containers with a damp tissue, as well as the place designated for placing makeup tools. Make-up brushes must be disinfected from time to time, with a special liquid, which is sold in specialized makeup stores. You can also prepare a homemade liquid to sterilize brushes for a small amount by mixing medical alcohol with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. The tool can be filled with cleansing liquid, dip the brush and wipe well, or alternatively, the liquid can be put in a sprayer and sprayed on the edge of the brush and wiped.