Make-up: useful tips in the hot season


Make-up: useful tips in the hot season

Summer is approaching, and we need to replenish our make-up bag. What are the colors this year? Will you be satisfied with light colors or will you follow fashion? Useful information and useful advice for women who wear make-up and various cosmetics in the summer.

Women are eagerly awaiting the arrival of June, as women's bags are filled with cosmetics, sunscreen, and bright colors. Yes, women, it is the hot summer, when the temperature rises, and you feel sweating, and the makeup of the face and eyes may be affected by this. What are the tips and guidelines that can be followed to maintain the stability of makeup, especially in the summer?

Vivid eye shadow colors

In the summer, use light-colored eyeshadow makeup, which tends to be slightly transparent, and abandon strong colors such as purple, burgundy, and sticks to pink, orange, and classic cream or beige colors. It is also recommended in the summer to use eyeshadow makeup with a creamy texture, and not shadows with a powder-like texture. They can also add a light touch of gloss to the corners of the eyelids.

Lip balm in bright colors

Lips, too, will be covered in light, warm colors in the summer. Light-colored lip glosses will be in high demand this season. An attractive look can be obtained by using cream-colored lipstick.

And if you use a lip balm to moisturize, it is highly recommended to choose a lip balm that contains an SPF of more than 30 degrees, to protect the lips from redness, and at the same time, you can paint the lips with light, thin colors.

Moisturizing lip ointments, usually designed to treat minor dryness of the lips, or to protect them from the sun's rays. If your lips suffer from severe dryness, it is recommended to apply a layer of Vaseline to moisturize the skin and avoid exposing them to sunlight until the dryness is gone.

Choosing a light makeup 

If you use some kind of winter make-up in the summer, you will feel a heavy and unpleasant mask sticking to your skin. And because makeup in the summer, how your skin feels uncomfortable, so it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream that contains some components of compound cosmetics, as it does a double work, in the beginning, it moisturizes your skin in the morning, and also adds to your skin the dark color or the color you want and what is commensurate with your skin color.

Washing hair before bed

It is recommended not to dry the hair in the summer, with a hairdryer, or a hair straightener. Because the hair in the summer suffers from dryness and sun damage. Therefore, it is preferable to wash the hair before going to sleep and moisturize it using a moisturizing cream for hair. It is also recommended to tie the hair according to a ponytail or what is popularly known as a “braid”. And when you wake up in the early morning, you will find your hair more disciplined, and you will feel comfortable during styling, as it is not affected by moisture damage.

Wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun

Wear the hat while out of the house and in the summer, to protect your scalp from being burned by strong sunlight, and from drying out, and your hair may turn light and brittle as a result of constant exposure to the sun.

Use hair products that help fight and prevent sun damage. And do not forget that salty seawater, and pool water contains a high percentage of chlorine, and thus may expose your hair to damage, in this case, it is recommended to wear a swimming cap. And if you forget to wear a hat, you can paint the hair with some products that protect it from damage, as it helps preserve the hair.

wear sunglasses

Intense sunlight can cause the makeup on your face to disappear or run, but strong sunlight can do real damage to the eyes and cause cataracts. That is why it is very important to wear sunglasses when you go out. And choose good sunglasses that protect the eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Sunglasses: a must or just a fashion?

Avoid excessive tanning (bronzing)

Suntan is a defense mechanism that the skin uses to protect itself from excessive radiation. When ultraviolet rays reach the skin, it begins to produce melanin, which is the production of the brown or oily color that appears on the skin. However, dark skin already contains melanin, so it is more resistant to sun damage, and suntan damage is much less than light skin.

To avoid annoying surprises, which can affect the skin as a result of excessive exposure to the sun, paint your exposed skin and face the sun, with a cream that contains an SPF sun protection factor. And paint the area of ​​​​the ears and legs as well.

After the process of sunbathing, if the skin begins to peel off, it should not be peeled by hands, as peeling may damage the skin, and instead use the refreshing aloe vera gel.