Mouthwash: many health and aesthetic uses


Mouthwash: many health and aesthetic uses

There is a primary function of a mouthwash which is to get rid of bacteria that are harmful to the health of the mouth and teeth, and it also has some other health and aesthetic uses.

Mouthwash: many health and aesthetic uses

Mouthwash has many benefits in terms of oral and dental health and its protection from harmful bacteria, and it also helps in improving the smell of the mouth for long periods, and not being exposed to embarrassing situations due to bad breath.

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The uses of mouthwash are not limited to this only, but it can be used in other matters related to health and beauty, here is a list of them.

Health and aesthetic uses of mouthwash

In addition to using mouthwash to cleanse it and maintain its health, there are other unusual uses, as follows:

1. Get rid of pimples and pimples

If you receive the pills and blisters' face nagging, you can use mouthwash to get rid of them.

To apply it, a small piece of cotton is used and immersed in the face wash, then the place of the blisters is wiped with this cotton wet with mouthwash, and left for as long as possible.

It is preferable to keep the lotion on the pimples throughout the period of sleep at night and after waking up, and you will notice their dryness and disappearance quickly.

Before using mouthwash on pimples, it should be tried on a small area on the skin first to ensure that it does not cause any skin irritation or skin problems.

2. Narrowing the pores

Applying mouthwash to the nose or places that contain large pores will help in narrowing them significantly, as well as getting rid of excess oils on the face immediately.

But this should be done after washing the face well and drying it with a clean cotton towel.

3. Reduce the effects of bruises

Gently massaging the bruised areas with mouthwash helps reduce its effects.

This can be done up to three times a day, and you'll notice that the bruise has largely disappeared the next day.

4. Get rid of nail fungus and treat athlete's foot

The high alcohol content of the mouthwash helps ward off fungal infections.

Nail fungus is annoying and affects its beauty. To get rid of nail fungus, it is recommended to mix a little mouthwash with the same amount of water, then soak the nails with it for 20 minutes, and repeat this twice a day for several days to get a good result.

You can also soak your feet in a tub of mouthwash diluted with twice the amount of warm water to kill bacteria and fungi that may lead to the athlete's foot.

5. Remove foot odor

Foot perspiration causes a foul odor, and this problem can be treated with mouthwash.

Soak the feet for 15 to 20 minutes in a basin of lukewarm water with a little mouthwash added.

The lotion will not only remove the odor but also help moisturize the feet.

6. Relieve armpit odor

Thanks to the alcohol content of the mouthwash, it can be relied upon to maintain a good smell in the underarm area.

The antiseptic mouthwash components also help in killing the bacteria in the armpits, effectively stopping the bad smell caused by perspiration.

To do this procedure, it is recommended to apply a little of it using a cotton ball, after showering and before applying deodorant, and the effect of the mouthwash lasts for a few hours, and it can be repeated as needed.

7. Dandruff treatment

Mouthwash's antifungal properties can help treat dandruff caused by fungal overgrowth.

Its use after shampooing is good, as the scalp is massaged with a little of it, left for 20 minutes, and then washed.

After washing the scalp from the mouthwash well, it is recommended to apply a conditioner that helps prevent the scalp and hair from drying out.

8. Other mouthwash uses

The following are other uses for mouthwash besides what we mentioned earlier:

  • Clean and sterilize the toothbrush.
  • Disinfect washing machine and clothes.
  • Toilet cleaning.
  • Relieve insect bites.
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors.