Scientists confirm: Women think ... a lot!


Scientists confirm: Women think ... a lot!

You may have heard a lot about women exaggerating in analyzing everything and thinking about all the events, people, and details around them. It seems to be so, read the article to find out more.

Scientists confirm: Women think ... a lot!

A recent study by scientists in California found that women are naturally inclined to think and analyze more than their male counterparts and that they have an active brain, and perhaps even more active than men. This is the largest and most comprehensive study of its kind in this field and came to confirm the stereotyped image that people have always circulated about women's thinking.

During the study, scientists analyzed data and information taken from more than 45,000 studies and came to the conclusion that women's brains are generally more active than men's. It was found that the amount of blood that reaches some areas in the woman's brain was much greater than that reaching the same areas in the man's brain, which makes women more able to focus and at the same time more likely to empathize with others and excessive anxiety.

The importance of this study is not limited to the results mentioned only, but it comes to provide an explanation, albeit a preliminary one, for the reason behind the prevalence of some brain diseases specifically among women, such as Alzheimer’s diseases, depression, and anxiety, while certain other diseases are more common among men, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

This study also came to provide a logical explanation for the reason for the strength of women's feelings and their superiority over men in certain feelings and psychological aspects, such as empathy, intuition, cooperation, and the ability to control oneself. It also came to explain why women are so sensitive to feelings such as sadness, anxiety, and insomnia.