Signs of beauty and the high price for it!


Signs of beauty and the high price for it!

They told you that you must suffer to have the marks of beauty? Sometimes they were right, but in our world of endless fashion choices, high heels don't need to wreck your back, and heavy earrings clog your earlobes. Here are the fashion trends and the price you pay for them!

They told you that you have to suffer to look beautiful and have the signs of beauty? Sometimes they were right, but in our world of endless fashion options, high heels don't have to wreck your back and heavy earrings pull your earlobes down. Here are the fashion trends and the price you pay for them:

Ankle strap shoes

Sexy shoes shouldn't cause pain. When you buy shoes, preferably measuring them in the afternoon, the fluid has already accumulated in the area of ​​​​the legs and is relatively swollen. This is how you can see if the shoes you are knitting will put pressure on the ankles and if it is better for you to abandon shoes with thin straps.


If you are one of those people who can't get through the day without a bag full of everything a woman might need to survive and maintain her beauty mark. Choose a sturdy bag with thick straps that won't weigh heavily on the shoulders. A bag, which is usually placed diagonally, is always better, as it reduces the burden on the shoulders. Also, thoroughly clean the bag from time to time and take out the things that you do not use during the week. The bag should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight.

Compression Body Shaping Belts

Body slimming belts are a great way to lose half a degree from that lovely dress size you've seen in the store without dieting, but only as long as they aren't worn for too long. Body shaping belts that are too tight may increase blood flow to the legs and increase the risk of varicose veins. After you have put on your body polishing belt to the party and showed off your beauty, take it off and sit or lie down with your legs up for at least half an hour. Do this twice a day when you wear the body shaping belt.

One of the signs of beauty and femininity: very high heels

There is no way to avoid the painful symptoms associated with wearing high heels. The only protection is prevention. Save stiletto heels for special occasions, however, if you can't wear flats, skip high heels with a sharp tip in the toe area and try to buy shoes with heels that are only 5cm high.

Flat shoes that cause pain in the arch of the foot

Sometimes flat shoes are also painful. These are usually doll shoes or ballet shoes, very popular in recent years because the soles do not provide enough support for the palms of the feet. Women with flat feet can more easily deal with these shoes because they have small or non-existent arches. Women with arches need shoes that support the shape of the palm of the foot.

 Itchy wool clothes

There are certain fabrics, such as wool, that can lead to skin irritation and rashes. Next winter, wear a fleece jacket over a narrow button-down shirt that forms a barrier between the fleece jacket and body skin. Also, skin moisture must be maintained by appropriate creams, because dry skin tends to itch.

heavy earrings

They may be a sign of beauty and improve the overall appearance, but heavy earrings can tighten and stretch the earlobes. If you prefer long earrings, don't buy metallic ones and opt for lighter earrings made of materials like plastic. Every two days they wear short earrings.

 Pimples and redness due to fitness training

When we sweat during daily fitness training, we may experience pimples and redness in the sensitive areas of the skin. Sportswear should be appropriate for its function, preferably not compromising on quality especially if you are keen on fitness, and we are sure you are already keen on that! Look for clothes that wick away sweat, fit your body, and are made of synthetic fabrics, not cotton - which wicks moisture away from the skin. To avoid blisters on the back and chest, replace the clothes with dry clothes immediately after training and shower with soap containing benzoyl peroxide.

Hairbands that cause headaches

Although it is very nice and greatly improves the overall appearance and is considered a sign of beauty, many hair accessories may cause pain in the head. This happens because they compress the nerves in the scalp and forehead, and the headaches can be as severe as a real migraine. If you choose to wear hair accessories, be sure to limit this offer for a short period to avoid headaches.