Skin and hair care guide for little girls


Skin and hair care guide for little girls

Young girls have a share in the world of beauty and health. Caring for health is a culture above all, so we show you the most important things that girls may face concerning skin and hair.

Skin and hair care guide for little girls

Naturally, the aesthetic and health dilemmas differ from one age group to another, but it is our duty to take care of all of them. Here in this article are a set of health and aesthetic problems that distinguish young girls, and here are their solutions as well.

1- curly hair

The problem: Curly hair in high humidity is difficult to manage and looks uneven. 

Our suggestion: As soon as you finish showering and before it dries, consider using a conditioner or emollient for curly hair. 

You can also use a hairbrush with soft, fine bristles in addition to natural oils. Massaging your scalp with a few drops of vitamin E once a week may also make a difference. 

2- greasy hair

The problem: my daughter's hair is greasy, and it looks wet and greasy all the time. 

Our suggestion: washing hair usually helps it get rid of excess oil, so your girl can benefit from daily showers, but to reduce the damage, I advise her to use a mild shampoo, and not brush her hair too much, as the brush will stimulate the skin of the head to produce more oils.  

Some styling creams that dilute the clarity of these oils can be used. 

3- Sudden pimples 

Problem: Exactly, your daughter is about to participate in her school show and she has a white bump in the middle of her forehead. 

Our suggestion: Don't play with these pimples at all because they will become more visible and will not go away. 

Teach your child to wash and clean her face with a cleanser, then apply benzoyl peroxide to the pimple site or cream containing salicylic acid. 

Do not let her apply oily creams in this case, because it closes the pores and leads to more pimples.

4- Hair removal

The problem: Your girl is embarrassed about the growth of hair on her body, and finds it is time to remove it. 

Our suggestion: First, explain to her that you completely refrain from removing hair by razor and shave, as this will make her skin irritated and lead to hair growth under the skin. 

Try removing hair with sweetness or wax, of course, after preparing her psychologically for the pain that comes with the operation, and explain to her how sweetness is used to take care of herself next time. But if you see that she can't stand the pain, you can resort to a hair removal cream solution. 

5- Freckled face

Problem: Freckles spreading on your daughter's face? 

Our suggestion: Can all the beauty and allure that freckles bring to the face be considered a problem? this is unbelievable!

But in any case, to prevent the growth of freckles and reduce the darkening of their color, advise your girl to always use sunscreen and wear a hat and glasses. In general, freckles diminish and fade with age. 

But if it really bothers your child, you can direct her to use a concealer and she can also use face creams with natural shine rich in vitamin C. 

With all this said, we bet it won't be hard to convince her of how beautiful her freckles are. 

6- Dandruff

The problem: Your girl has a lot of dandruff, so much so that she can't even wear dark clothes. 

Guetrahna: sleeves in its own switch shampoo with shampoo components Kkipritad selenium, tar, or Pereiaon zinc. Where she leaves it on her head for 5 minutes before cleaning it.

If she used it two to three times a week and did not see a change, she should consult a doctor. 

7- Chapped lips

Problem: Your child suffers from chapped lips frequently, and this can sometimes cause her lips to bleed.

Our suggestion: First, you should not peel the healing or lick it, if you think that you are doing this by moisturizing it, you are wrong. Proper hydration is achieved by hydrating the whole body by keeping drinking water. 

Help her buy a fragrance-free lip balm that relies on moisture-rich ingredients like beeswax and Vaseline. 

Warn her not to share the use of her finger with others, as it is a way to spread viruses and diseases.

8- Extended eyebrow

Problem: The girl's eyebrows continue to be one long eyebrow. 

Our suggestion: Teach her to pluck the hairs between the eyebrows, teach her to first sterilize the area between the eyebrows and sterilize sharp forceps with a tilted head to facilitate picking up the hairs without pinching the skin, and beware not to manipulate the drawing of her eyebrows if it is still too early for that. 

9- Oily skin

Problem: My baby's skin is very oily, always seems to be sweaty

Our suggestion: Frequent cleansing of oily skin stimulates it to produce more and more oil and sebum. 

Let your girl wash her skin with an antiseptic daily in the morning, and exfoliate her skin by home twice a week, and then make sure that the moisturizer she uses and her cosmetics are based on water and not oils, to ensure that the pores of her skin remain open and not clogged. 

There are also fast-absorbing papers that you can supply to her to wipe her skin and rid her of skin secretions.

10- Dry skin

Problem: I notice that my girl’s skin is getting drier, peeling a lot, and itchy

Our suggestion: Watch your daughter's bathing habits, as long showers under hot water can dry out the skin and pull oils out of it. Also, make sure she uses a fragrance-free shampoo or lotion. 

After the shower, your girl does not need to dry her skin, but let her put on some moisturizing cream that contains lactic acid, which helps the skin to retain its moisture. 

11- Sweating

Problem: My daughter is shy about moving around freely because she suffers from excessive sweating under her armpits. 

Our suggestion: Antiperspirant, besides adding a nice smell to the armpits, some types of antiperspirant work to connect the sweat ducts and reduce sweating. So teach your girl to keep using deodorant after showering in the morning or when preparing herself to go out.  

But you should also remember and remind her that sweating is a normal and healthy thing that helps balance body temperature, and there is no need to be ashamed of it.

12- Moles on the face

Problem: My girl has some very visible moles on her skin

Our suggestion: Is it more beautiful than having moles? Considered moles in the face of beauty, especially the signs that the most beautiful women in the world are proud of them. 

If it is very annoying for your girl and she cannot deal with the mole as an aesthetic element, she can use a concealer.

But beware and watch your child's moles well all over the body, if the moles are expanding, this may expose her to serious diseases, including skin cancer, so if you notice the expansion of the moles, see your child's doctor.