Tips about health and food!


Tips about health and food!

With the advent of summer, the effects of the improper nutrition we followed during the winter become visible. Here are five important diet changes that you should follow.

Tips about health and food!

With the advent of summer, the effects of improper nutrition that we followed during the winter become visible. Here are five important changes in the diet that you must follow in addition to another simple change.


No fast food dish should enter your digestive system! Unless you are in the middle of the desert, or on the top of the Himalayas, that is, only when the alternative is starvation. The fast-food family includes sausages, processed and fried potato chips, secret formula drinks, sweeteners containing food dyes, and pastries containing margarine. 

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Once a day does exercise! You can exercise for an hour. But it is also possible for five minutes. Provided that you do this physical activity every day. New trainees can start with a physical activity that lasts a few minutes and every three days they add five minutes. This method has proven to be effective. Choose your favorite physical activity. Choose from the start only the activity that you know you can continue with. Moreover, you must listen to your body. That is, if, for example, you start with a certain sporting activity because everyone swears to you that this is the best thing, pay attention to whether you feel pain at the end of the exercise. If so, give up the fun and try another activity. Do not do exercises that will harm you.


Drink two liters of water a day! This also includes fasting days. Before the start of fasting you drink, and when fasting ends you drink. The question now is, why should we make an effort for this colorless and tasteless liquid? Here are the reasons:

 1. Water constitutes the main component of the contents of cells in our body.

2. It is used as a solvent for most substances in the body.

3. It gives the body its volume.

4. Most of the metabolic activities take place in an aquatic environment, and water participates in some of these activities and chemical processes.

5. Water is used as an intermediate environment for transporting nutrients.

6. It plays a pivotal role in regulating body temperature.

7. It is the main friction material in joints.


Here you must make three decisions regarding health and food:

1. Make sure that all five meals contain the three nutrients. For example, in the afternoon you can eat fruit that provides carbohydrates with nuts that provide protein and nutritious fats.

2. Every person who wants to maintain his weight should make sure to eat up to three tablespoons of oil per day. And no less. You can replace the oil with a handful of walnuts, a tablespoon of seedless olives, or a quarter of an avocado.

3. Make sure to eat three portions of fruit every day. This does not lead to obesity. It is simply healthy.


This is the hardest decision: try hard, eat dinner no later than four hours before you go to sleep. It's good for digestion and good for sleep.


For the sake of health and food, take care of eating five meals a day. When we say meals, we don't mean that you eat five times a day shawarma meals with chickpeas and the like. But three main meals and two small meals. And do not forget to eat daily five colors of fruits and vegetables.