What is mascara and how to use it properly?

What is mascara and how to use it properly?

Choosing the most suitable mascara for you and the way to apply it involves several important foundations, so we provide you with the most important information on the topic and answer some sensitive questions in this context!

Every woman knows those annoying days of the month in which she loses the desire to put on cosmetics and appear in the best way, and even wishes that this day ends peacefully without encountering someone she knows on the way to work, for example, but especially in these annoying days everyone you know suddenly appears before you and increase Probability of throwing people, that's called Murphy's Law. Therefore, to avoid a coincidence that will negatively affect your health and your psyche, you should do yourself a favor and put at least some mascara on.

Mascara is a cosmetic product that has been used since ancient times, and its function is to lengthen the eyelashes and give them a beautiful look with a darker color, longer and thicker. We put on concealers, blushes, and eye shadows. "It is important for every woman to know exactly what mascara suits her, which she should buy and how to use it correctly, to get the most out of it." (Read more about your guide to using mascara )

It is worth noting that mascara is available in several types and three main forms, namely:

  1. Generous
  2. putty
  3. liquid

However, the most common and used are liquid ones, while other forms are almost unused.

Usually, when applying mascara, the black color should be chosen if no other cosmetic product is used, to obtain a dense and defined frame for the eyes and to lengthen the eyelashes, but if there is other makeup on the face, it is possible to use mascara of different colors such as Blue to give it a kind of excitement, especially if you go to an event.

Remember that before applying the mascara, it is preferable to use the eyelash ring, which has recently become one of the necessary makeup equipment in the bag of every Hollywood star, as rotating the eyelashes before applying the mascara ensures the optimum and complete position of them while giving the eye the view of open and long eyelashes, especially in the morning hours, when The eyes are still half-closed.

Liquid mascara products are inside a small bowl and contain a round brush that is used to distribute the substance on the eyelashes, but you must pay attention to the type of liquid when buying mascara, as there is a liquid that does not go away with water, any resistance to it, and another that goes away with it, so choose the most suitable for you and your needs.

The advantage of water-soluble lotions is that they are easy to remove - they are washed with tap water, without the need to apply an additional lotion, and they are more suitable for people with sensitive skin, and the biggest disadvantage is that they are not very strong and can simply dissolve with tears, sweat, rain, and swimming.

Tips before buying mascara

Before you buy mascara, it is preferable to look at yourself in the mirror and examine your eyelashes, and then choose the most suitable for you according to the following:
  • If you have long and full eyelashes, it is recommended to buy a round or volumizing eye mascara.
  • If your eyelashes are short and delicate, it is recommended to buy lengthening and thickening mascara to lengthen and intensify the eyelashes.

It is usually recommended that the mascara is of the waterproof type, in anticipation of some simple and uncalculated things, such as tears or an annoying itch that makes you look like a clown due to the use of non-waterproof mascara.

Does mascara cause allergies in the skin and eyes?

 Most mascara preparations contain water, including water-soluble liquid products, which constitute a breeding ground for bacteria, and therefore all preparations of this type contain preservatives and anti-bacterial that may cause allergic reactions in some people.
According to some dermatologists, mascara is one of the most problematic preparations from a clinical point of view due to the many cases in which it irritates the eyes and eyelids, but it is important to note that most cases do not occur at all due to allergies, because the instructions of the health authorities are strict regarding these products They usually contain non-allergic ingredients.

How to put on mascara?

Contrary to popular belief, mascara is applied only twice and a "large amount" of color is not placed on the eyelashes. The application is done once, from the inner side of the eyelashes, and the second time from the outside so that the eyelid is not accidentally dirty.
Do not open your eyes too much, but look down when applying, and to prevent caking on the eyelashes, the brush should be passed lightly over a piece of fabric before touching the eyelashes. Women with sensitive eyes are advised to apply mascara to the upper eyelid only and to its outer part, to maintain minimum contact with the eye.

Mascara and glasses

If you wear glasses, you definitely felt the annoying friction of the eyelashes with the lenses of the glasses after applying the mascara. The solution is simple: try to use the eyelashes rounder to rotate the eyelashes upwards, and also do not apply several layers of paint, because this makes the eyelashes feel hard.

Mascara and Older Women

Older women are recommended to make sure to rotate the eyelashes to give them a more open look, as they should apply the lengthening mascara that lengthens the eyelashes (to give them a richer look) and rotate again, while the mascara is still wet. You should never rotate the eyelashes if the mascara has dried because you put the eyelashes at risk of breaking.

How long does mascara last?

The shelf life of mascara is not long, most mascara products last for three months after opening, and purists even say a month is too much. In any case, be sure to smell the mascara before use and dispose of it immediately if you smell a strong turpentine-like smell, in addition, if the original mascara changes color or becomes lumpy, it is a good idea to throw it in the garbage and buy a new one.