Baby hair care: the most important information


Baby hair care: the most important information

Have you had a new baby? Do you want to know how to care for his hair? So, follow the article, as it is your comprehensive guide to learn how to care for a baby's hair.

Baby hair care: the most important information

Caring for a baby’s hair is one of the things that some mothers do not master, so you do not know how to deal with these short tufts, especially if they show signs of dehydration, so the article is devoted to mentioning the most important details about caring for a baby’s hair:

How to take care of a baby's hair

Here are the most important tips that help in dealing with the hair of a newborn, even the first years of his life:

1. Regular hair washing

A baby’s hair can be washed every two days in the summer season, and twice a week during the winter season, but you must:

  • Comb the hair before showering to make it easier to comb after washing the hair while it is wet.
  • gently handle the head; Because it is very sensitive in the first stage of his life.
  • Use lukewarm water to bathe the child.
  • Use baby shampoo, which is free of harmful chemicals on baby’s hair, unlike adult shampoo that is harsh on baby’s skin.

2. Scalp massage

The mother should massage the infant’s scalp very carefully and gently after putting points of the baby’s hair oil, as this ensures that it is preserved from drying out and hair growth is healthy.

Black seed oil is one of the best oils that suit the infant without harm, but it is not recommended to use it in the case of shaving the child's hair, as some mothers do.

3. Daily hair combing

Combing the hair using the baby’s blunt-edged comb is one of the important ways to care for the baby’s hair. The baby’s hair must be combed from all directions to stimulate the scalp, and this should not be neglected, especially if the baby’s hair is tangled.

While combing the child's hair, it is preferable to give him a toy that he loves and is busy with, to make the task easier for the mother.

4. Do not cover the hair too much

Many mothers cover the baby’s hair thinking that this will protect it, but on the contrary, covering the hair for long periods makes it not breathable and reduces its growth, so it should be exposed to air whenever possible.

In the case of using a hair cover, it is recommended to choose a type of cotton cloth that is gentle on the skin and to stay away from synthetic materials that can cause itching and irritation of the skin.

Important information about baby hair

After learning about the methods of caring for a baby’s hair, let us learn the following important information that you should know about a baby’s hair:

1. Baby hair grows during pregnancy

Hair begins to grow and a human being is a fetus, and this begins specifically during the twentieth week of pregnancy, and some children may be born without hair and this is also a possibility.

2. Baby hair falls out in the first months

A large proportion of newborns lose their hair gradually in the first months, to start growing later, and this is not worth worrying about as long as the mother does not find any problems in the scalp.

3. The scalp of the infant may suffer from dandruff in a specific period

After the child completes 6 months and up to the first year of his life, the mother may notice the presence of some light crusts covering the scalp, and it is recommended to use the oil for the baby’s skin a little before bathing, then gently massage the head with shampoo until this crust falls off.

4. A baby's scalp contains germs

Yes, this is normal, as the scalp is like any area of ​​the body, but the constant care of the baby’s hair and keeping it clean ensures the elimination of any germs that infect the infant’s scalp.

5. A baby's hair type cannot be determined from birth

It takes a long time, up to several years, to be able to identify the type of baby's hair, is it:

  • Light or thick.
  • Soft or coarse.
  • greasy or dry