Benefits of anise for slimming and health


Benefits of anise for slimming and health

Some people eat anise to lose weight and lose it, and others resort to it to enhance their general health, so what are the benefits of anise for slimming and health?

Benefits of anise for slimming and health

Anise is one of the herbs rich in various nutrients, which will help in slimming and enhance the health and functions of the body. 

Anise is rich in minerals, especially iron, and contains good levels of magnesium, which is necessary for metabolism, while it is low in calories as a tablespoon of it contains only 23 calories.

Here are the most prominent benefits of anise for slimming:

What are the benefits of anise for slimming?

What are the benefits of anise to lose weight? The answer is as follows:

1. Fights fat

Anise helps in boosting the metabolism needed to burn fat in the body, as increasing the metabolic rate helps in burning larger amounts of fat.

2. Diuretic

Eating anise helps to increase the amount of urine excreted from the body, thus eliminating toxins and reducing fluid retention in the body.

In many cases, excess weight is the result of fluid retention in the body, so getting rid of it means helping to lose weight.

3. Reducing digestive problems

I found a scientific study published in the journal (BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine) in 2010, that dealt with anise and fennel plant haw would help in treating the problem of constipation.

4. Get rid of bloating and gas

If you suffer from bloating in the abdominal area and gas retention, eating anise helps to get rid of it and thus solve this problem.

Eating anise would combine all the benefits that may result in weight loss over time.

Other benefits of anise

In addition to the benefits of anise for slimming, it is possible that eating anise will bring you the following potential health benefits:

How can you eat anise?

If you want to use anise to lose weight, an anise drink can be prepared through the following steps:

  1. Use 2 tablespoons of dried anise or double the number of anise seeds.
  2. Add the anise to a cup of boiling water, cover, and let it steep for some time before eating it.

Eating anise is safe for most, including pregnant and lactating women and children, but it is important to be careful if you suffer from allergy symptoms!

anise for slimming and health