Benefits of berries for pregnant women and their beneficial nutrients


Benefits of berries for pregnant women and their beneficial nutrients

Berries are one of the most delicious and favorite summer fruits for many people, and they offer many benefits.

Benefits of berries for pregnant women and their beneficial nutrients

The sight of the delicious berries in their bright colors makes the beholder crave tasting and eating them, and the same is true for a pregnant woman, as she craves to eat it, but she may worry that it may pose a threat to her pregnancy.

Benefits of berries for pregnant women

Berries give various benefits to pregnant women and their fetuses as well, and eating them in appropriate quantities does not pose any harm to them. Learn about the following benefits of berries for pregnant women:

1. Provides the body with energy

Berries are a natural source of energy for pregnant women, especially in the last stages of pregnancy, when you feel lazy and lethargic, giving them great energy and activity.

2. Stimulates the development of the fetus's brain and bones

In addition to being a source of energy, berries are also a fruit that contains low amounts of fat and sodium, so you can eat five servings of them daily, which is equivalent to about two and a half cups, and this stimulates the healthy mental development of the fetus and the proper growth of bones.

3. Protects against the risk of fetal malformations

Berries are a fruit rich in folic acid, which is an essential vitamin for pregnant women. It offers the following benefits: 

  • Ensure the correct growth of the fetus.
  • Protection from the risk of deformities in the spine and extremities, and other deformities that the fetus may be exposed to.
  • Bits help prevent cardiovascular disease. 
  • Reduces the risk of miscarriage.

4. Protects against constipation

Berries, especially blackberries, contain fibers that help in the process of digestion and water absorption in the large intestine and reduce digestion-related disorders, which reduces the incidence of constipation in pregnant women.

5. Promotes bone health

Berries contain calcium and magnesium, which ensure the healthy growth of bones and teeth, as magnesium helps the absorption of calcium and potassium. 

Berries also contain a group of vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for the bones, which help prevent osteoporosis.

6. Prevents the risk of severe bleeding

Berries contain vitamin K, which helps protect the body from the risk of bleeding and helps in the proper clotting of blood.

Berries also contain other vitamins that help in the rapid healing process of wounds.

7. Prevents the risk of malignant tumors

Berries contain several nutrients, such as anthocyanins, and medicinal chemical compounds that protect against the growth and development of cancer cells and also help inhibit the growth of these cells when present, which may prevent the pregnant woman from developing cancer.

8. Maintains a healthy heart

Berries contain anthocyanins and flavonoids that keep the heart-healthy. 

It also contains fiber and magnesium that protect against the risk of blockage in the arteries and veins, and stimulates the smooth flow of blood inside the blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of vascular diseases and strokes.

9. Good antioxidant and stress reliever

Berries are an effective antioxidant that protects and maintains cells; This is because it contains vitamin C, potassium, and carbohydrates

It also relieves stress that may accompany pregnancy.

The nutritional value of berries

Here is the nutritional value per 100 grams of raw berries:


43 calories


1.39 g


0.49 g


9.61 grams


5.3 g


4.88 g


0.62 milligrams


20 milligrams


22 milligrams


162 milligrams


1 milligram


0.53 milligrams

vitamin C

21 milligrams

Dangers of berries for pregnant women

In addition to the benefits that berries enjoy, there are some risks for the pregnant woman, such as the following:

  • Berries can cause an allergic reaction in some pregnant women.
  • Consuming berries in large quantities can cause diarrhea.
  • Women with pancreatitis, dyskinesia, or oxalic-intolerant intolerance should avoid eating blueberries during pregnancy.

Healthy recipes using berries for pregnant women

Here are some healthy recipes using berries that can be prepared during pregnancy:

  • You can eat 50 grams of dried berries half an hour before meals, to treat stomach problems.
  • Two tablespoons of dried berries can be placed in a cup of hot water, left to soak for 15 minutes, and then eaten before meals to treat stomach problems, sore throat, or common diseases.