Benefits of Vitamin C for hair: For strong and gray-free hair


Benefits of Vitamin C for hair: For strong and gray-free hair

What are the benefits of Vitamin C for hair? Can this vitamin really protect your hair from premature graying? Important information will be presented in the following article.

Benefits of Vitamin C for hair: For strong and gray-free hair

The benefits of vitamin C for hair are numerous and important, so let's get to know them in the following.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C for hair?

Here is a list of the most notable:

1. Anti-dandruff

One of the potential benefits of vitamin C for hair is that it may help to resist dandruff and relieve some of its symptoms, such as itching and dry scalp, due to this vitamin’s potential ability to: 

  • Strengthen the immune system, a weak immune system can stimulate the infection of dandruff. 
  • Resisting some types of bacteria, whose presence in the scalp area may contribute to stimulating dandruff.  
  • Rid the hair follicles of pollutants that may accumulate in them. 

2. Delaying the onset of gray hair

One of the potential benefits of vitamin C for hair is that it may help reduce the chances of premature graying, often due to its natural antioxidant properties.

Early aging and some of its symptoms, such as premature graying, arise as a result of certain changes in the body, such as stopping the production of melanin pigment in sufficient quantities, and this pigment is the substance responsible for giving hair its natural color, and vitamin C content of antioxidants may help in resisting The aforementioned process for the body to continue to produce melanin.

3. Anti-hair loss

One of the potential benefits of vitamin C for hair is that this vitamin may play an important role in fighting hair loss, as vitamin C may contribute to:

  • Resisting the harmful activity of free radicals Because of the natural antioxidant properties of Vitamin C, free radicals are one of the factors that may damage hair follicles.
  • Boost iron absorption when taking vitamin C with iron sources, and since hair loss in many cases is linked to iron deficiency, it is possible to try to contain and prevent hair loss by getting enough vitamin C.

4. Get rid of hair dye in a natural way

Topical application of a solution of crushed vitamin C tablets and shampoo may open the hair follicles to facilitate the removal of dye, which may help lighten the color of dyed hair. 

5. Strengthen hair and promote its growth

Due to the important role that vitamin C plays in the body's collagen synthesis and production processes, this vitamin may help strengthen hair and promote its density and growth in several ways. Collagen may help: 

  • Increasing the diameter of the hair, as collagen is the main component of the hair, so vitamin C may help to increase the density of hair.
  • Enhance hair shine, as each hair is surrounded by a collagen membrane that contributes to giving the hair a shiny and beautiful appearance.
  • Resist hair breakage and brittleness, and nourish hair follicles.

How does vitamin C deficiency affect hair?

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to many health complications, including hair-related complications, such as dry hair or a phenomenon called corkscrew hairs. 

Therefore, keeping vitamin C levels within normal levels is important, not only for the overall health of the body but for the health of hair in particular. If the body is deficient in vitamin C, following a treatment routine that your doctor may prescribe can help symptoms of deficiency begin to improve within 24-48 hours. 

How to get the benefits of vitamin C for hair

It is possible to obtain the benefits of this vitamin for hair in several ways, as follows:

1. Eating sources of vitamin C 

To get the potential benefits of vitamin C for hair, it is possible to obtain an adequate share of this vitamin by eating natural food sources for it, such as:

  • Some types of fruits, such as orange, strawberry, grapefruit, pineapple, guava, kiwi, mango, and papaya.
  • Some types of vegetables, such as peas, sweet peppers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, and spinach. 

Important note

It should be noted that the amount of vitamin C in many foods declining large degrees at this exposing food to high temperatures during the process of cooking or when left outside for long periods, so it is recommended to take sources of vitamin C raw or semi-raw is also recommended to drink juices rich in vitamin C as soon as Prepare it without delay.  

2. Applying Vitamin C Masks to Hair 

It is possible to use some natural hair recipes rich in vitamin C that help to obtain the benefits of vitamin C for hair, such as the following recipes

  • Banana and coconut oil mask: Mash the pulp of two ripe bananas with honey and coconut oil, then apply the mask to the hair for a while before washing it.
  • Avocado mask: Mash the pulp of half a ripe avocado with a spoon of honey and a spoon of almond oil, then spread the mask on the hair, and wash it after 90 minutes.
  • Coconut Milk Mask: The hair is soaked in fresh coconut milk, and washed off after a few minutes.

3. Other ways 

It is also possible to obtain the benefits of vitamin C for hair in other ways, such as: 

Take vitamin C supplements if needed, and under the supervision of a doctor.
Use hair care products that contain vitamin C.