Body massage: many benefits and important studies!


Body massage: many benefits and important studies!

Many studies have shown that body massage has medicinal properties and many important benefits. Learn about the most important ones in the following article.

Body massage: many benefits and important studies!

The feeling of calm and pampering that we feel after a body massage can be a medicine in itself for many people, but it is more than that!

Benefits of body massage

Doctors have discovered a large number of advantages inherent in massage therapy and began to recommend this treatment to patients who suffer from:

  • Lower back pain.
  • muscle pain
  • Chronic pain has no explanation in traditional medicine.
  • Osteoporosis: Several people with osteoporosis have found solace and pain relief through massage therapy, mainly because other treatments for this disease cause side effects.

Studies in recent years on the benefits of body massage have found that massage therapy:

  • Improves immune system function in women with breast cancer.
  • Relieves asthma symptoms in children suffering from this disease.
  • May relieve symptoms in people with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Studies have shown that treating premature infants with massage has helped them gain weight.

Studies conducted to examine the benefits of body massage

One study found that body massage helps promote muscle function and health.

A study conducted a few months ago on 11 young men who did exercise sporadic, found that 10 minutes of massaging their muscles led to muscle recovery and pain relief.

In addition, the researchers took a biopsy sample from the muscles of the trainees at intervals of:

  • before performing the exercise.
  • immediately after it.
  • Two hours after exercise.

The results showed that the short massage that the trainees received improved the production of mitochondria in the cell, which proves that there is an important biological effect of the massage.

Studies also showed that patients who received massage therapy twice a week for:

  • Four weeks.
  • Then once a week for another four weeks.

They experienced significantly less pain and stiffness in movement than patients who did not receive body massage therapy and were able to walk 50 meters faster than patients who did not receive massage.

They said about body massage

“If the benefits of massage for the body are really real, then massage should be included in the basket of medicines and all insurance companies should finance the price of that treatment, and all doctors should recommend it.”

"But if it doesn't help, we're committed to letting patients know so they don't waste their time and money on it, so our studies are very important," says Adam Perlman, a researcher and executive director of the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine, in Durham, North Carolina.

What happens in the body during the massage?

We all know what the benefits of body massage are. At least on the surface, all massage therapists have always told us that massage helps rid the body of toxins and improve blood circulation.

Now researchers have discovered, for example, that 45 minutes of massage can lead to a slight decrease in cortisol levels in the blood.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal gland. It is responsible for the metabolism in the body and is secreted in cases of stress.

When cortisol secretion increases in the body, this leads to a syndrome called "Cushing's", which leads to significant changes in the metabolism process, changes in body shape, and high blood pressure.

Also, 45 minutes of massage lowered cytokines - causing a general disruption of the body's metabolic system, lowering allergy symptoms, and giving a boost to white blood cells to fight infections.

The most popular body massage

Swedish body massage is the most common in the world, and accordingly, most studies have been conducted.

It is a full-body massage that is performed using a moisturizing cream and includes a variety of movements that are specifically designed for each area of ​​the body.

Tips on choosing a processor

How can we make sure we get a good, professional massage? Via the following:

  • In most countries in the world masseurs are required to be licensed, many unlicensed therapists work but we can always ask to see a license to practice.
  • Ask the masseur how many times he did a massage before you, and make sure that you are not the tenth therapist on that day, not even the seventh. Massage requires strength and energy, and after the third, the masseur will be tired and weak.