How to take care of hair in adolescence!

How to take care of hair in adolescence!

In the teenage generation, there is a tendency to place a lot of emphasis on outward appearance. A lot of teenagers tend to get busy a lot in styling and hair care. But hair goes through a lot of changes during puberty and so it is important to protect it. On how to take care of hair in adolescence, here are the following!

How to take care of hair in adolescence!

Generation of adolescence is not an easy period for hair. Have you wondered whether you are taking care of your hair properly or not and are you using the right materials

and whether shampoo can harm your hair! Just as it is important to take care of facial treatments to prevent acne, it is also important to adopt a proper hair care routine. It is recommended that you read the following tips which will give you ideas on how to maintain healthy and shiny hair.

Seven tips for perfect hair care

If you are not sure about how to take care of your hair properly, you want to dye it but do not know which color suits you and what is the recommended dyeing method, you are worried about hair loss, or in general, you want to have healthy hair but you do not know how here are some tips to help you.

 1 . Remember, your girlfriend's hair isn't always better than your own

Do you want hair like your classmate's hair or a hairstyle like a famous movie actress? First, it is recommended that you satisfy your hair in its natural state, whether the hair is long and soft, thick and curly. The more you fight against the appearance of your hair and try to create a different hair look, the more damage you will cause to the hair.

2. Just as you make an appointment for the dentist, also make an appointment for a hair check.

Boys and girls should also go to the barber to get the ends of their hair cut regularly. Even if you want to lengthen your hair, it is important to shorten it a little at least once every two months (and some recommend once every month and a half). During puberty, your hair may experience some drastic changes. A hairstylist can help you take care of your hair by giving advice on the right hair products for you or by styling your hair differently.

3. Know that hair care manufacturers want your money; Do you want to have healthy hair?

Don't believe what is said in the papers or what is written on the back of an emollient bottle about how to care for your hair, especially if it says you should use all hair products from the same company. Use the hair products you really need. Sometimes it's just shampoo and conditioner, sometimes you also need a hair mask cream for weekly use on dry or thick hair, or to solve tangled hair knots.

4. Beware of the brush

Even if it seems to you that brushing your hair more often, can lead to hair breakage and split ends. However, this does not mean that we should not brush our hair at all; Perhaps your parents will not be happy with this idea. Comb your hair when you need to, but avoid excessive combing.

5. Want a new hair color? Leave it to the experts

Although self-dyeing hair dyes are cheap and easy to use, they do not always give the desired result. Find good hairstylists and consult with them (and also with your parents) before deciding to change hair color. There is an infinite number of hair dyes 'blond', 'red', 'brown' or 'black'. Your stylist will help you choose the color that best suits your skin tone. In addition, you should know that your natural hair color may interact in different ways. With some hair dyes.

6. Braiding the braid may damage the hair

Braids look great. But beware of excessive tension or excessive curling of the hair, which can put excessive pressure on the roots of the hair and the scalpOn how to care for braided hair, it is recommended to use natural oils and not substances that contain chemicals.

7 . Thinking of hair extensions? Get the right advice

If you have short hair and want to grow it quickly, you may consider adding hair. If this is the case, do not forget to consult professional hairdressers before doing so for some tips for incorporating the right hair extensions for you. The weight of hair extensions can pull your natural hair out and cause it to fall out. Additionally, hair extensions can be very expensive. Try to use cheap and safe alternatives.