Important tips before traveling to prevent the coronavirus


Important tips before traveling to prevent the coronavirus

Many important things must be paid attention to before traveling during this period in which the Coronavirus is spreading to prevent infection.

Important tips before traveling to prevent the coronavirus

Despite the concern sweeping the world about the spread of the Coronavirus, but some people are forced to travel due to the nature of their work, treatment, and other reasons, which raises many people’s fears about infection during travel.

Tips before traveling to prevent coronavirus

It is not recommended to travel during this period without the need to do so, but in the event of having to travel, the necessary measures must be taken to prevent infection with the Coronavirus. Here are the top tips.

1- Be sure to wear a face mask

The face mask does not prevent the virus by one hundred percent, but it reduces the chances of infection, and therefore this mask should be worn permanently during the travel trip and until you reach the country you are going to.

If it is difficult to wear the mask all the time, it is recommended to raise it for a few periods in the absence of crowded places to breathe air, and then quickly wear it again, especially when there are surrounding people.

2- Lots of handwashing

Washing hands helps reduce the risk of respiratory infections and infectious diseases while traveling, especially after touching any surfaces, and hands should be washed as often as possible.

In the event of inability to wash the hands, they should not touch the face, specifically the mouth, eyes, and nose, as it is easy to transmit infection from the hands to the face in case of contact.

Wash hands for 20 seconds, making sure that soap and water permeate all over the hand.

The faucet should not be touched by hand, and paper tissues should be used for this purpose because the faucet is one of the places that can transmit infection if an infected person washes his hands beforehand.

3- Use hand sanitizer regularly

In addition to hand washing, hand sanitizer should be used constantly during travel, as well as in the absence of soap and water, and it is recommended to choose hand sanitizer that contains a percentage of 60 to 95 percent alcohol.

When using a hand sanitizer, you must rub the hand with the sterilizer well so that it permeates all parts of the hand, as the use of the sterilizer helps reduce the chances of infection, but it will not prevent it completely.

4- Do not touch surfaces

One of the important things to be aware of is touching different surfaces, so you should not touch any surrounding surfaces because they are an effective way to transmit viral infection easily, especially with the difficulty of controlling hands touching the face.

It is also recommended to use tissues to hold anything around, such as handles and various objects, and to dispose of these issues immediately after use, and not to put them in a pocket or bag.

5- Cover your face when sneezing

Just as you should protect yourself from infection with viruses, you should protect others in case you have any respiratory infection, by placing a tissue on your face.

The elbow area can be used during sneezing if tissue is not available, but it is better to have tissues in the bag constantly during travel, and it is preferable to sterilize the hands well after sneezing.

6- Stay away from gathering places

It is advised to avoid crowded places while traveling, where viruses that cause infection spread, and it is preferable to sit in a far place while waiting for the plane and to avoid sitting in closed rooms where the chances of an infection increase.

In the case of standing in line during travel procedures, it is advised to maintain a distance between you and the surrounding people to avoid any infection, while wearing a face mask or placing a paper tissue on the mouth and nose if the mask is not available.

Tips to prevent coronavirus on the plane

The plane is one of the easiest places for infection to be transmitted, as all people sit in a closed place and at very close distances, and even with preventive measures in disinfecting and sterilizing planes, the infection can be transmitted from one person to another.

To prevent coronavirus on the plane, it is recommended to follow some measures, which are:

  • Continuing to wear a face mask: It is advised not to abandon it on the plane, and to take more than one mask in the personal bag.
  • Keeping the face as far as possible from the person next to him: The face must be directed in the other direction to the next person while sitting on the plane, especially when sneezing.
  • Avoid using the bathroom on the plane as much as possible: It is preferable to enter the bathroom before boarding the plane, and in case you have to use it, you must put the plastic toilet cover before sitting on it, and not touch the door handle and the faucet by hand.