Leftover food: healthy and aesthetic uses

Leftover food: healthy and aesthetic uses

We often eat fruits or vegetables and cannot complete them, and we throw them away, but your reading of this article will help you to use leftover food in the health and aesthetic fields.

Leftover food: healthy and aesthetic uses

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables is one of the most important health issues, but in doing so, we usually dispense with their peel, so does it have another use that benefits your beauty or health?

1- Vegetable peels for a delicious and rich broth

The peels and stems of vegetables can be used to make a broth rich in various minerals and vitamins and antioxidants.

This can be done through:

  • Gather the peels of onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic, lettuce, or eggplant, and stalks of parsley and coriander
  • Be sure to clean the stems and peels well and store them in the refrigerator
  • Put three cups of them in a bowl with water, you can also add some leftover vegetables
  • Cook the mixture in the pot over low heat for about 10-15 minutes
  • Then it can be used in the soup you want to prepare or any dish of food.

2- A good face scrub and moisturizer

The peels of fruits and vegetables, because they contain high levels of nutrients, are beneficial for the skin.

The antioxidants present help in whitening, exfoliating, cleaning, and even moisturizing the face. To apply this, you can follow the following steps:

  • Dry orange peels in the sun for two or three days
  • Grind the peels to get a powder
  • Mix two teaspoons of this powder with an equal amount of yogurt and one teaspoon of honey
  • Apply the mixture on your face and neck and leave it for about 20 minutes, then rub it and wash it with warm water.

It is also possible to paint the face with avocado and banana peels to moisturize the skin.

3- Making spices from the peels of vegetables and fruits

Do you like lemon pepper seasoning? This spice adds a delicious flavor to food and provides it with many different health benefits.

You can prepare it at home by applying the following steps:

  • Get lemon peel from 6 large size lemons
  • Add two tablespoons of black pepper to lemon peels
  • Bake the above mixture for an hour or until you feel that the crusts have dried out
  • Use a food grinder to grind the mixture and get the lemon pepper seasoning.

4- Make delicious jelly from leftover food peels

Did you know you can use fruit and vegetable peels to make delicious homemade jellies?

To do this you must:

  • Get apple, apricot, and guava peels
  • Wash the peels well and cut them into very small pieces
  • Each cup of these crusts needs a quarter cup of brown sugar
  • Add a few lemon peels and pectin, which help give the jelly its shape.
  • Add water until you feel that the jelly mixture has become well
  • Put the mixture on low heat and stir it from time to time for about an hour.

5- Teeth whitening

Do you want to enjoy beautiful white teethYou can do this by using some of the things you have in your kitchen.

Do not throw banana peels anymore, and rub your teeth (the inner crust), and after a while, you will feel that your teeth have become whiter.

Note: Before using any of the above recipes, make sure you thoroughly wash and clean the peels.