Tips for pregnant women are necessary for a healthy pregnancy!


Tips for pregnant women are necessary for a healthy pregnancy!

Many changes occur in your body and your life during pregnancy. However, it is necessary to take the time to take care of yourself. From this article, you will find tips.

Tips for pregnant women are necessary for a healthy pregnancy!

Women are increasingly interested in their health during pregnancy, and in the current period, most pregnant women go to read many educational materials, books, or websites about tips for pregnant women guiding them towards following a healthy lifestyle and diet, especially for the period of pregnancy, as well as after childbirth.

 As a pregnant woman is going through hormonal and physical changes that make her more in need of attention to her health about, what do you eat? and what are the allowed exercises? Is reading and listening to music comfortable? 

Make sure that your gynecologist will give you general advice and guide you towards the most important publications related to the pregnancy period as a reference to answer your questions, as there is no doctor, but there are some tips that he may not mention to you and consider you able to correct them on your own.

Pregnancy tips:

1- Nutrition

It is essential to take care of proper nutrition during pregnancy. The fetus grows and grows dependent on its food on you, as you provide it with the building materials that you transfer to it when you eat, so you have to pay attention to the quality of your food, provided that it contains vitamins, proteins, and minerals necessary for the growth of the child, and it is also important for you to help you maintain the nutrients you need to strengthen your body so that prevent Anemia occurs. It is preferable to consult a nutritionist about the types of foods and the recommended food portions during pregnancy. Here are some general tips on this topic:

  •  Eat small, periodic meals and skip the routine that includes three meals a day, and this does not make you feel hungry.
  • Drink more fluids and water in particular, as 70% of the body is water,  as is the body of the fetus. Make sure that you drink enough, especially in the winter, because people feel thirsty less than in the summer.
  •  Make sure that your diet contains vitamins and minerals, and make sure that you consume the required amount of vitamin B12, calcium, zinc, iron as well as protein.

If you have a sensitive stomach, stay away from ready-made meals on your own, as your doctor will not prevent you from eating these foods. suspicious. Also, it is preferable to refrain from eating outside during the summer, because the food spoils quickly. Make sure to eat balanced meals and don't fill yourself with unhelpful calories.

2- sleep

Ask yourself what is your preferred sleeping position? For example: sleeping on your back during pregnancy may harm your back because the weight added during pregnancy is directly above the spine. Remember that he prefers to sleep on the left side, as this position ensures an optimal flow of oxygen to the fetus.

3- Smoking and drinking alcohol

Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy. One of the harmful effects of smoking on the pregnant woman is that it increases the risk of miscarriage, the death of the fetus, or the death of the child immediately after its birth. And if you are a drinker of alcohol, it is recommended to stop and replace it with fresh healthy juices. As for drinking coffee, it is recommended to drink a light cup of coffee a day, but a glass of juice a day is much better. 

4- Aerobic exercise

A little walking sometimes helps during pregnancy, you do not need to exercise for the marathon, but it is necessary to strengthen the muscles of your feet because this will help you during childbirth. It is important to consult your physician before starting any exercise plan. Also, it is necessary to respond to your body, when you are not feeling well stop and rest. It is preferable to do simple exercises in the first trimester of pregnancy until the fetus settles in the womb.

5- Reading

Reading acts as a sedative. A little reading helps stimulate and stimulate memory, and some say that it reflects on calming the fetus. On the other hand, it is preferable to stay away from books that cause depression and focus on short and distinct reading, and it is recommended to read books that contain funny situations, and so you may convey this good feeling to the fetus inside you. There is a belief that a happy pregnancy leads to the birth of a happy baby. So if you prefer reading, choose easy and beautiful books, and if you do not feel comfortable while reading, listen to jokes or jokes to ease your disturbing atmosphere. In general, pregnancy can be a stressful period, and this is a great way to release stress and laughter.

6- Music

Listen to calm music, and pay attention to listening to music constantly and at fixed times. Keep doing this after birth and you will see how your baby will calm down after playing music because he is used to this since he was in the womb.