Breastfeeding and fitness: a healthy habit!

Breastfeeding and fitness: a healthy habit!

New research, Physical exercise during infancy reduces calcium leakage and helps to recover and recover faster after childbirth.

Breastfeeding and fitness: a healthy habit!

New research, recently published in the American Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise, on breastfeeding and fitness.

 The study examines the relationship between breastfeeding, agility, and preventing calcium leakage. The relationship showed that fitness improves bone density and reduces calcium leakage in nursing mothers. In the first six months of breastfeeding, the mother gains her infant 200 mg of calcium per day from her body’s stores, which causes the mother to lose between (3% - 9%) of her bone density level, and soon the bone density returns to normal after weaning in most cases. but not always.

20 lactating women participated in the research, they were randomly assigned to two equal groups - a group who exercised and a group of women who did not exercise, where the level of bone density was checked had in the spine, hips, and other parts of their bodies in the period of the fourth week after birth and in The 20th week after birth.

The research showed positive results, as lactating women who did exercise (aerobic exercises and strength training) at a pace 3 times a week, within 45 minutes each time, succeeded in significantly reducing the level of bone density in the spine during breastfeeding, compared to women who did not They train, and no significant differences were observed between the group of trainees and the control group in the level of total bone density of the body and hipsIn addition, lactating women who exercised lost a greater amount of fat during lactation, making them more agile.

The researchers concluded that breastfeeding and fitness are two factors associated with reducing the level of low bone density. The most important results of the study focused on that physical fitness exercises during lactation lead to reduce the decrease in bone density resulting from breastfeeding and contribute to preventing calcium leakage, as well as regular and controlled training to strengthen bones and expand the space for joint movement, contribute to improving bone mass, prevent fractures, and Reduce Risks of serious damage from a fall, and helps maintain bone mineral density, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis. As physical fitness exercises also have an important role in restoring health and convalescence after childbirth, Regular physical activity reduces stress, fatigue, hostility, and depression, and contributes to a greater sense of vigor and vitality. So physical activity has effects on women after childbirth in alleviating anxiety, fatigue, and tension, and gives them the ability to adapt to the new situation.

Talk summary:

If your body allows this, we advise you, madam, to focus on postpartum fitness exercises on the lower abdominal areas, exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, lower back, and exercises to strengthen the muscles of the upper back and to regularly practice all these exercises constantly because they contribute to preventing calcium leakage from your body, in Breastfeeding period and after to maintain your physical and psychological health for the long term.