Foods and drinks that increase the feeling of hunger


Foods and drinks that increase the feeling of hunger

Some foods and drinks cause you to feel hungry when you eat them and thus lead to eating a large amount of food more than the body needs.

Foods and drinks that increase the feeling of hunger

It is normal to feel hungry before eating and to obtain some of the body's need for food, the appetite will decrease, but some foods and drinks can cause an increase in the feeling of hunger, and therefore it is recommended to avoid eating them to maintain weight.

Here are the most prominent foods and drinks that cause you to feel hungry after eating them.

1- Baked bread with white flour

Baked goods help in feeling full immediately after eating them, and this applies to various baked goods such as bread, cakes, pizza, and others, but it is a temporary feeling that fades away a little.

This is because these foods cause blood sugar to rise, and as a result, the body releases enough insulin, and this causes the feeling of hunger again.

2- Foods rich in sugar

The same idea applies to various foods rich in sugars, as eating sweets of different types will lead to an increase in the desire to eat.

To avoid this, it is advised to avoid foods rich in sugars and replace them with healthy fruits that contain natural sugars, and in the case of sweets, it is recommended to choose the types that contain a small amount of sugar.

3- Foods rich in salt

Foods rich in salt increase the feeling of hunger and desire to eat, so pickles and sauces that are served alongside food are called "appetizing dishes", as they help to eat more food.

The explanation for this is that the body consumes a lot of energy as a result of the increase in the proportion of water and its retention in the body as a result of eating a large proportion of salt, and thus the need to eat increases.

4- Soft drinks

Soft drinks lead to a temporary feeling of satiety, but soon the feeling of hunger is renewed again, thanks to the fact that they contain sugars that cause high blood sugar levels, and then the body releases insulin and breaks down sugar to maintain its blood levels.

Also, drinking soft drinks while eating leads to a feeling of fullness, and this causes food to be eaten in smaller quantities than the body needs, and the feeling of hunger may be repeated later.

5- Sugar-sweetened juices

Sugar-sweetened juices also increase the desire to eat because they raise blood sugar levels, and thus can give the body a feeling of satiety for a long time so that the feeling of hunger increases later.

To obtain the benefits of juices, it is recommended to eat them without adding sugar, as they enjoy the natural sugar available in them, and it is not preferable to buy ready-made juices because they are rich in a large percentage of sugars.

6- fast food

Fast food contains a large proportion of salt, such as french fries, fried chicken, etc., which makes it more desirable to eat.

Salty sauces are also added to these foods to give them a better taste, and a lot of salt is added to these sauces.

7- Canned foods

Many salts are added to canned foods such as soups and others, to keep them for a long time without spoiling, and therefore eating these foods increases the feeling of hunger.

Also, dried and canned fruits contain large amounts of sugars that cause hunger as well, so it is recommended to reduce their intake as much as possible.