Treating sunburn naturally!

Treating sunburn naturally!

Have you been in the sun and are afraid that you may have caused damage to yourselves? You can treat sunburn yourself naturally!

Treating sunburn naturally!

The scorching sun not only warms us and gives us vitamin D and light, but it also burns us and is thus very dangerous. Excessive exposure to sunlight may lead to burns of various degrees and an immediate and future danger to our health. Have you been in the sun and are afraid that you may have caused damage to yourself? You can treat sunburn yourself naturally!

Sun exposure is a matter of exposure!

There is a good chance that if you have had blood tests in recent years, you will find that your vitamin D values ​​are below the threshold. Studies that track population health indicate a deficiency of this vitamin in about 80% of people. Vitamin D, whose production in the body is linked to exposure to sunlight, is essential for maintaining health. Therefore, especially when it comes to our region, which is characterized by bright sunshine almost all year round, it is nothing less than an epidemic that affects a large part of the population. Perhaps this is the root of the problem: there is no doubt that excessive sun exposure, especially in our region, carries real risks and harms. On the other hand, not enough exposure to sunlight also causes the problem. How do we find the balance between the two conflicting directions?

Research shows that lower than required values ​​of vitamin D are directly related to the risk of cancer, childhood diabetes, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, and others. The damage is especially pronounced in children, who need the vitamin to be able to absorb calcium and maintain healthy bones, allowing for normal growth and development. Protective products harm the body's ability to produce vitamin D. Even a "modest" protective factor such as SPF 15 greatly harms the body's ability to produce this important vitamin.

Here are several important recommendations:

Exposure to the sun is necessary, as long as it is done thoughtfully and appropriately: a certain amount, with adequate drinking, for half an hour a day, and in the hours that do not pose a danger to the skin (ie, in the early morning or in the late afternoon hours).

How to deal with excessive exposure to sunlight and how to treat sunburn?

Using medicinal plants:

Aloe vera: Of course, serious dehydration and heat must be treated, making sure that no damage occurs to the vital organs, and if necessary, go to the doctor. But as long as the case is simple, let's start with medicinal herbs. It is better if you have aloe vera (this product can be purchased, but it is better to grow this plant yourself, even in a pot, and if necessary, squeeze its leaves after removing its peel).

Calendula: The gel from the calendula plant is the following line of defense: Calendula (or its popular name in Arabic, cat's claw), is a medicinal plant and it is assumed that most of us know it through various diaper preparations. When calendula extract is applied to the skin as a gel, it is easily absorbed. There is no restriction on the frequency of use of these plants, especially in the first hours after excessive sun exposure.

Homeopathy for sunburn:

Homeopathic treatment includes a group that contains more than fifty different natural preparations known to treat different damages and varying degrees of heatstroke. Homeopathy is a natural, effective, and holistic way to treat sunburn, which deals with all problems. That is, in homeopathy, the treatment is adapted to a group of symptoms, and not just according to a single symptom. Homeopathy can be given through pills and drops and is safe for use at all ages, in both acute and chronic cases. We cannot mention here all treatment options for this case, and in any case, it is recommended to go to a competent homeopath to obtain medical supervision and directions.

Three common homeopathic remedies for overexposure to sunlight:

1-Aconite: It is a plant when it is in a homeopathic dose that can help even in serious cases such as heat stroke. For example, when a person falls asleep in the sun for a long time, and wakes up after burning his skin, during a dangerous situation characterized by its severity, and after realizing the situation, he feels a state of fear up to the point of panic, a headache that worsens with every slight exposure to light. The face of the person who needs this homeopathic treatment is "congested" and the pupils of the eyes are constricted.

2- Belladonna: It is preferable to use the homeopathic extract of the Belladonna plant. This extract may be appropriate when a person complains of a headache that hits like a hammer, and when the face is redder compared to the rest of the body. In addition, it appears that in the appropriate case of this treatment the child/person is disturbed by any slight movement, is irritable, and behaves somewhat strangely.

3- Soda: The third homeopathic remedy that can be considered is soda, - in a homeopathic dose (ie, by technology specially developed for this subject and found in professional pharmacies). People who use this remedy, whose homeopathic name is natrum carbonicum, usually suffer from exposure to sunlight, even with relatively minor exposure.

So, if you have discovered your allergies, which have been appearing since the beginning of summer; if you have a bad general feeling as a result of more than usual exposure to the sun (which you have remedied by drinking, cooling, and so on); If dizziness is bothering you, and if the noise is bothering you a lot - one or two doses of this homeopathic remedy may help you get back to normal again. This treatment may be appropriate for a variety of other problems, such as infertility, a tendency to depression, and even frequent muscle sprains.

How to take homeopathic to treat sunburn? Depending on the condition being described, each type of homeopathic remedy is best obtained in a dose called 30C in the form of homeopathic pills (also known by their generic name "globules"). Three small pills should be taken on the tongue every hour. If there is no improvement after three doses, it is important to go to a competent and qualified person to check all symptoms.