The health of the tonsils - the damage that affects them

The health of the tonsils the damage that affects them

Some wrong habits can harm the health of the tonsils, which can increase the chances of their eradication, and therefore these habits must be avoided.

Wrong habits that harm the health of the tonsils


Many people have to remove their tonsils, as a result of their permanent infections that cause severe pain and difficulty swallowing, and the health risks that follow.


To maintain the health of the tonsils, a group of mistakes that harm their health must be avoided. Here are the most prominent of these errors.


1- Eat an ice cream - health of the tonsils

The chances of getting tonsillitis and sore throat increase as a result of constantly eating frozen foods, especially for children and people with weak immunity or chronic diseases, as it is easy for them to catch various diseases and viruses.

It is advised to avoid eating ice cream, such as ice cream and drinks containing ice, as well as ice water as much as possible to avoid the risks that affect the tonsils.

Warm drinks help maintain the health of the tonsils and protect them from various infections and diseases.

2- smoking - health of the tonsils

Smoking is one of the most prominent wrong habits that affect various parts of the body, including the tonsils and throat, as it causes health problems in the respiratory system and hinders its ability to perform its functions.

Smoking also impairs the functions of the immune system, increasing the chances of developing viral and bacterial infections of the tonsils.

It is advised to stop smoking, which is harmful to the health of the respiratory system and to stay away from smokers as much as possible.

3- Mouth breathing - health of the tonsils

Some people feel comfortable breathing through the mouth, which is a wrong habit that can aggravate tonsil problems.

In some cases, people have to breathe through the mouth due to a blocked nose during infection, but this should be avoided if they can breathe through the nose.

The best is to treat a stuffy nose that causes mouth breathing, especially during sleep.

4- dry air

Most people resort to using an electric heater in the winter season, and the heater causes the air to become drier, which affects the health of the tonsils and throat.

It is advised not to set the electric heater to a temperature that is too hot ,  and it is better to wear clothes that help to make you feel warm instead of using the heater.

An air humidifier can be purchased that reduces dryness caused by cold weather, and the use of an electric heater.

5- Not getting rest

The body needs rest to enhance the functions of the immune system in fighting diseases, as well as maintaining the health of various parts of the body, including the respiratory system.

Therefore, the body should not be deprived of rest and sleep sufficiently daily, at least 7 to 8 hours, provided that sleep should be early.

6- Not cleaning the mouth and teeth

The chances of developing tonsil stones increase if you do not pay attention to cleaning the teeth and mouth well, as bacteria accumulate and affect the health of the tonsils.

Washing the teeth and cleaning the mouth well is one of the best ways to prevent the tonsils from health problems that require their removal. The teeth should be washed at least twice a day, especially after eating.

It is also recommended to get used to the use of mouthwash, which reduces the spread of bacteria and germs inside it, which can be transmitted to the tonsils.