A saliva test to diagnose corona


Experts: A saliva test to diagnose corona may be more accurate than a nasal swab

With the spread of the Omicron mutant, which was observed to be concentrated in the throat, in particular, the recommendations of experts began to follow regarding replacing the approved nasal examination for diagnosing corona with saliva tests, which are believed to be more accurate. Here are the details:

Experts: A saliva test to diagnose corona may be more accurate than a nasal swab

It seems that it is time to resort to a different type of test to diagnose infection with the emerging coronavirus, after the common test for the past two years to diagnose the virus was a nasal swab, experts have recently started recommending replacing it with a saliva test, which is believed to be more accurate. 

These recommendations come in light of the widespread proliferation of the omicron mutant recently around the world, according to experts; Often the virus is concentrated at the beginning of the infection in the mouth and throat, meaning that trying to detect its presence in the nose at the initial stage of infection may not be feasible. 

Even getting a swab of saliva in the oral cavity may be the most accurate way to detect infection early, and this may help diagnose infection several days before it is diagnosed through regular nasal exams.

Saliva examinations may be particularly important for detecting the omicron mutant. Detecting this rapidly spreading mutant, with a relatively short incubation period, early is very important to take the necessary measures to follow up on the patient's condition and protect those around him from the consequences of contact without delay.

Saliva Tests: Really Accurate?

Although recommendations and scientific data already indicate that they may be more accurate, saliva tests also have their drawbacks, for example:

  • Many laboratories around the world are not yet equipped to perform saliva tests.
  • Although the concentration of the Coronavirus rises in saliva during the first days of infection, the nose may be the most suitable place for monitoring the virus during the later stages, as the concentration of the virus in the nose subsequently rises to outweigh its concentration in saliva.

 But the researchers hope that saliva tests will become available within a short period, which is something that some health authorities have already started working on to try to provide this type of test as soon as possible. Here, it should be noted that the US Food and Drug Administration has officially approved several types of saliva-based PCR tests. 

Saliva: Doubts are beginning to turn into certainty 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, researchers have begun to investigate the possibility of detecting the virus through saliva tests, which may be easier and less troublesome than a nasal swab. Be accurate and appropriate to monitor the infection of the emerging coronavirus.

In light of the scientific data indicating that the virus first appeared in the mouth, saliva tests may be the tests that will be adopted in the future to diagnose corona.