Christmas cake contains bacteria


Many people like to celebrate their birthdays to blow out the candles on the cake, but this can be associated with some health risks.

Christmas cake contains bacteria

The results of a new study revealed that blowing birthday candles on the cake to extinguish them spreads many bacteria on the outer layer of the cake.

Where the team of researchers from Clemson University indicated that the saliva resulting from blowing on the wax on the cake increases the number of bacteria on its surface by 1,400%.

The researchers conducted this experiment to reveal various aspects of food safety after the idea came to the minds of senior researchers after he explained the matter in a detailed way to his little girl.

To reach the result, the researchers decorated the cake with whipped cream, and then put some wax on it.

Before blowing on the wax, the researchers had eaten pizza and then blown on the wax on the cake, and worked on analyzing different samples of the cake.

The researchers noticed the presence of a large number of bacteria of different types resulting from blowing on the candles.

The researchers commented that blowing on the wax on the cake contributed to an acceleration of bacteria growth about 14 times more than usual, and in some cases this acceleration may reach 120 times, depending on the bacteria transmitted by people.

In turn, the researchers emphasized that these results do not mean that birthdays are not celebrated in glory and that eating the cake that was blown on it will not cause harm in most cases.